Take Back America, Mr. Biden? By All Means!

By John Lillpop

Vice-president Joe Biden took a page from the play book of conservatives and other critics of the Obama administration when he admonished Americans to “take back America.”

Although he did not offer specifics, it seems safe to assume that Biden was not implying that the progressive administration of Barack Obama was anything less than utopia.

In fact, given Biden’s warped political vision, it is clear that he was NOT wishing to Take Back America to the Days When……:

National defense was the # 1 priority of the Commander-in-Chief, vastly more important than golf, vacations, fundraising, and partisan posturing;

Having a well-conceived, intelligent strategy in place for defending America was an automatic part of the national security apparatus, and was understood to be the primary responsibility of the Commander-in-Chief;

Americans optimistically expected to bequeath better lives to their offspring;

Personal ideology was never reason enough for a president to deliberately seek to destroy an American industry, and with it, millions of employment opportunities;

The loss of American lives was ALWAYS of paramount importance: Failure to defend our own, as in Benghazi, ALWAYS MADE A BIG DIFFERENCE, notwithstanding protestations from a failed Secretary of State with presidential aspirations on her mind!;

American military might was respected and feared throughout the world, rather than being regarded as weak, and worthy of scorn and ridicule;

No American was above the law, including the President and other powerful government officials;

Using Executive Orders to bypass Congress with respect to codified law was unheard of;

The job of the IRS was to collect taxes in accordance with the law; it did NOT include authority to target and/or discriminate against political enemies of the president;

Although Americans often differed with the president and government leaders on specific matters of policy, most citizens genuinely believed that the president was an honorable person who shared their core values, culture, and traditions and was essentially on their side; and

The role of the Vice President was limited to attending state funerals on behalf of the president and to tend to largely ceremonial tasks. Period!

Take back America, Mr. Biden?

By all means, it is imperative that the Transformed America of Barack Obama be consigned to the trash heap of history as soon as possible!

Reference http://www.myfoxdetroit.com/story/26417788/vp-joe-biden-speaking-in-detroit-on-labor-day

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