UK’s ISIS Problem Attributed to 4 Decades of State Sponsored Multiculturalism

On Wednesday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “Your World,” UK Independence Party Leader Nigel Farage explained why a large number of Brits have pledged their loyalties to the radical Islamic group ISIS.

According to Farage, much of that can be tied to the United Kingdom’s push for multiculturalism, which has not united Brits but pushed them apart. As he explained, it has allowed for Islam to emerge despite his nation’s Judeo-Christian culture.

“We’ve seen an increased radicalization within the United Kingdom, much of this I’m afraid to say is a self-inflicted wound. We’ve had four decades of state-sponsored multiculturalism. We’ve actually encouraged people not to come together and be British but to live separately, to live apart. … There are similarities [to the United States].

We even have the last Archbishop of Canterbury suggesting that Sharia law be acceptable in British cities. So, I’m afraid we have been weak and we have not been muscular in standing up and saying to people, ‘We are a Christian country. We have a Christian constitution, a Judeo-Christian culture. We’ve allowed our schools to be infiltrated. Our prisons, you know, are now perhaps where jihadism is on the march more rapidly than anywhere else. Much of this we’ve done to ourselves.”

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