Rep. Fudge (D): Why Is It Important to Have a Balanced Budget?

Rep. Marcia Fudge
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Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) (AP Photo)

( – Speaking at the Akron Roundtable Luncheon last month, Rep. Marcia Fudge (D-Ohio) questioned the importance of balancing the budget, asking, “Why is it so important to have a balanced budget?”

“If you had a healthy budget, what would you do with it? Nobody can answer that question for me. Why is it so important to have a balanced budget?” Fudge asked.

“We haven’t had a balanced budget one time in the last 50 years. Once. What you do with it, just say oh we balanced our budget. When people are hurting, it is our job to take care of them. Now have we spent too much money? Yes, we have. But we need to prioritize what is really important in this country,” she said.

In 2011, the House passed a Balanced Budget Amendment, but two resolutions were defeated in the Senate. Rep. Fudge voted ‘no’ on the Balanced Budget Amendment.

The Congressional Budget Office projects the deficit for Fiscal Year 2014 to be $506 billion.

Fudge criticized House Republicans saying, “They got wingnuts on the one side who don’t want anything to pass,” but later admitted “sometimes I’m extreme too.”

Fudge was asked: “You begin each day with the pledge to do the people’s work, how might Washington step up and step out to really accomplish what the people want-or better yet what the people need?

“I think what has to happen is, on both sides of the aisle, the people who are in extreme positions need to kind of be pushed to the side and let the middle ground win. Except for that— that’s not what happens. We have a Congress right now that can pass almost anything that they put on the floor, whether it’s immigration, voting rights, any of those things, because we have enough people in the middle,” she said.

She continued: “But instead of being the speaker of the entire House, we have a speaker who is a speaker just for the Republican side of the House, and so they got wingnuts on the one side who don’t want anything to pass. And so as long as they listen to the few and not the many, we’re never going to get anything done.

“We have to listen to reasonable minds. I’ll admit sometimes I’m extreme too, and in those instances they should say ok Marcia, go sit down, and I understand it, because our job is to move America forward, not our own personal agendas.”

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