America on the edge

It is a dangerous time for America. The threats at home and abroad are very serious, but we are being led by individuals who place politics ahead of national security, to the peril of every American

By Jeff Crouere

Today our country is in the midst of a battle for survival. We face a well armed and well funded terror army, Islamic State, which has grown to 31,500 fighters, including 2,000 from Western nations. In his recent national address, President Obama outlined a more aggressive approach to attack the terrorists in Iraq and Syria. Unfortunately, battling the terrorists in the Middle East is not enough. Due to our open border, there is little doubt the terrorists have infiltrated this nation.

While the President talks tough about bombing Islamic State terrorists, he will not address the border crisis. Because of this inaction, Texas Governor Rick Perry has been forced to send his National Guard troops to border locations.

Sadly, this is too little, too late. There is no fence across most of the border region, in violation of the law. Our safety is being compromised as we have no idea what drugs, weapons or bombs are entering the United States.

Filmmaker James O’Keefe exposed how ridiculously easy it is to cross the Southern border even dressed as Osama Bin Laden. He crossed the Northern border carrying a bag marked “ricin.” No one stopped him as his traveled to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in Cleveland, Ohio, and entered the building with a Duffel bag that could have been filled with biological weapons.

Terrorists are not stupid, they know we are vulnerable; however, due to politics the President and the Democrats will not enforce our current laws to protect this nation.

The plan is to remake America into a one-party country with Democrats unbeatable in national elections. If Texas is turned “blue” and becomes a Democratic state, it will become impossible for Republicans to win the presidency.

The Republican Congress has passed legislation to stop amnesty, but, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid will not allow a vote. He wants to shield Democrats like Louisiana Senator Mary Landrieu from a choice of whether to side with her party or her constituents.

Reid wants the President to act because it will help Democrats. In fact, he hopes the President goes “Real Big” when he bestows amnesty. Reid does not care that Obama will be breaking the law when he awards amnesty to lawbreakers.

The last time millions of illegal aliens were granted amnesty was in 1986, when Congress passed legislation and it was signed by the President. This time, Obama cannot get such legislation through the House, so he will act on his own, in violation of the U.S. Constitution.

When this is done, our country will be forever changed. The checks and balances between the branches of government will be destroyed as the President will be acting with dictatorial power.

In response, Congress should impeach Obama or remove funding so amnesty cannot be implemented by the government. The problem is that the House is led by the feckless John Boehner, who will not challenge the President. The Senate will not act because it has a Democratic majority, unless that changes in November.

It is a dangerous time for America. The threats at home and abroad are very serious, but we are being led by individuals who place politics ahead of national security, to the peril of every American.

As the administration refuses to secure the border, it prepares to reward those who illegally crossed the border. In November, the President will grant amnesty to 6 million illegal aliens, who will receive work permits, Social Security cards and photo Id’s. This action will be popular with millions of Hispanic voters who will vote Democratic in greater numbers. Most of the newly minted Americans will join them in the Democratic Party, once their pathway to citizenship is complete.

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