Hot Zone America

By Timothy Birdnow : It has taken five days for authorities to get around to decontaminating the apartment of Liberian Ebola patient Thomas Eric Duncan.

Five days with a level four hot bioagent alive and well in a crowded apartment complex.

And when they finally got to it they hired a private firm that specializes in chemical spills, not deadly biological agents. Why wasn’t USAAMRID, the United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, sent in?  This clearly was a job for military involvement, since they have had experience with this sort of thing AND they have protocols in place.

Ebola is a tough virus and can survive for a long time outside of a host.


“A city official told ABC News the home is in a gated community and was donated by a person who wants to remain anonymous. City officials had a hard time finding anyone willing to let the family stay in their home because of health concerns.”

If I may interject WTF!!!!!

People exposed to an incurable, 90% lethal, contagious virus have been moved to a private community instead of a quarantine facility?!!  Why didn’t the CDC take them into a quarantine hospital? This is life and death – both for the family and for anyone in contact with them. This is not a head cold; it’s a full blown emergency.

Why are we not stopping people from coming from countries suffering from the outbreak?

One wonders how effectively cleanup was conducted. Was everything nuked with bleach? Ultraviolets? Or did they just hose the place down with water, letting it run down the drain and into the Dallas sewer system?

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Why are we not stopping people from coming from countries suffering from the outbreak?

Well, for starters, the Obama Administration removed quarantine restrictions on immigrants and visitors.

According to Breitbart:

“The Obama administration withdrew updated quarantine regulations in 2010, prompting questions about how the policy change may have impacted the current Ebola situation.”

And, where the obama foot has trod it shall not retrod; our puissant majesty shall not rescind an order He hath given.

So America will not stop people from coming, even when there is a grave danger to the public health. Meanwhile, Liberia has announced it will shoot illegal, er, undocumented immigrants on sight.

They have also promised to prosecute Duncan for lying to them. Sort of a horse and swinging barn-door situation. WE are the aggrieved party here; why isn’t America promising prosecution should this guy live? The fact is, he either will die or get very, very expensive medical treatment gratis.

The fact is Liberia and the other affected nations have no good reason to keep someone infected with Ebola from leaving the country and have every reason to wish it. A man like Duncan (who knew he was infected) will only cost Liberia money and threaten to spread the disease further. Better he be shipped off to the U.S., to become America’s problem.

There are almost 14,000 people holding visas to America in Liberia and other affected countries. If only 1% of visa holders are infected and make it here that would be 140 Ebola patients spreading the disease. Can we catch it all in time to avoid a pandemic?

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And Duncan should never have been allowed here in the first place; he was living in Ghana, not Liberia, at the time, had family here, was unemployed. These are all red flags for a visa overstay. But the Obama Administration wants settlers – the more non-white, non-European the better. They want to colonize the U.S., and so a man infected with Ebola was welcomed with open arms.

I believe that certain people inside the Obama Administration and FOOs – friends of Obama – are not concerned about the deaths of Americans in a horrible fashion

I believe that certain people inside the Obama Administration and FOOs – friends of Obama – are not concerned about the deaths of Americans in a horrible fashion, but rather believe you cannot make an omelet without breaking a few eggs. Would they rather have people die horribly in a pandemic if it can be used to promote the kind of change they envision for America? In a way, a terrible disease is like a tiny soldier for revolution, marching to the attack on a corrupt and self-satisfied United States. We need to cull the herd and at the same time introduce new breeding stock. These people are eugenicists. They dream of creating a new people, and if that means a terrible disease has to be loosed for a little while…

That is, in my view, part of the lack of urgency by the Administration. Granted, politics is relevant too; Obama needs to keep the borders open to appease the Hispanics and cheap labor crowds, as well as the unions (which see this as a huge new pool of members). And of course Obama doesn’t want to be seen discriminating against black Africans. He also doesn’t want to admit there are any problems in his utopia.

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And for the tinfoil hat community, it could be suggested that Obama may be able to use this to suspend the elections should it get out of hand, or even to declare martial law and put all those FEMA camps into operation. I don’t believe this is in the Administration’s mind, but I also don’t believe they haven’t at least thought of it. It has happened that the unthinkable has become reality; ask the German Jews about that.

I think there is a sense among the radicals who surround Obama that America deserves it, deserves to see what the Third World has had to endure all these years, and so they aren’t eager to act. Liberals are chock-full of Shadenfreud, and so many enjoy seeing us get ours. They will enjoy the pain a pandemic would bring.

So the U.S. government has no plans to take decisive action to stop Ebola from coming here. They further have no plans to take the extraordinary means of decontaminating that is required with so deadly a virus. They have better things to do.

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