The Racism of Open Borders

By Michael Oberndorf, RPA

Democrats, “progressives”, liberals, communists, and fascists have all declared, albeit in rather shrill and hysterical tones, that we can’t close our borders, and to try is clearly racist. Does it seem odd to anyone else that every other country in the world, without exception, has restricted borders but us?

Hmmm…food for thought, indeed. As to the ridiculous charge that a closed border is racist, let me say, “Poppycock! Balderdash!” and “Another of the usual leftist lies put out by the ‘mainstream’ media as truth!”

Point 1: A large proportion, if not the majority, of the travelers from West Africa, the area currently most effected by Ebola, are black.

Point 2: Most of these travelers, like Thomas Duncan, the Liberian Ebola victim who died in Dallas, have destinations in primarily black areas of our cities.

Point 3
: Ergo, it is black people who are most likely to come in contact with Ebola carriers from West Africa; it is black people who are most likely to contract Ebola from these carriers; it is black people – not rich, white Democrats, “progressives”, liberals, communists, and fascists – who are most likely to die from Ebola brought into America by unrestricted travelers from foreign countries.

Point 4: The truth is that to allow open borders and unrestricted travel from West Africa will clearly be significantly more harmful to blacks than whites.

To draw the above conclusion doesn’t take massive brainwork. Thus, even the leftist politicians and media “pundits” squealing to keep the flow of disease carriers unimpeded are aware of who will take the main hit here. And it is also unmistakably obvious who the racists are in all this. Every last one of them.

Over the years since the mid-1960s, when the white left discovered how easy it was to convince black supremacists (e.g., the Black Panthers) that they should not integrate, but self-segregate into Black Student Unions, Black Business Leaders Associations, the Black Community, etc., black people have been cynically manipulated into believing and embracing all sorts of negative, disastrously damaging things about themselves. First and worst is the idea that they cannot possibly succeed in life, due to the racism of white people, without the massive intervention and help of…get ready…are you sitting down?…here goes…WHITE liberal Democrats! They managed to convince the vast majority of black people that all whites hate them and spend a large part of their time scheming and coming up with ways to keep black people down. The frightening thing is that just a cursory look around America makes this idea about as ludicrous a notion as you could possibly come up with. Yet black people have bought into it, big time. They have also let the White Left convince them that welfare is not only acceptable, but that they are somehow entitled to it to make up for the way white people have kept them from succeeding.

Far too many, too, have been conned into believing that the high unemployment rate among black people is due to racism. However, the welfare mentality manipulation aside, if you look at the number of illegal alien invaders in America and compare that to the number of unemployed black people, it becomes obvious that a large percentage of the jobs black people used to have – especially the higher paying ones – have been taken by the invaders. And as long as the borders remain open, and the demands from the foreign criminals and their fascist sponsors for amnesty are continued to be taken seriously, black people looking for decent jobs are—and will continue to be—SOL. Again, the simple truth is that those pushing open borders are undeniably and cynically racist.

However, all one needs to do is look around at the growing number of black conservatives to realize that the Fortress of Liberal Racism is developing serious cracks in its once impenetrable walls. Inspired by true patriotic American leaders like Clarence Thomas, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Lt. Col. Allen West, Alan Keyes, Herman Cain, Niger Innis, Larry Elder, Lloyd Marcus, the Rev. Jesse Lee Peterson, and many others, black people are more and more rejecting the lies and psychological manipulation techniques used by the totalitarian American left – the Democrats, the “progressives”, the liberals, the communists, and the fascists. They are returning to their American roots, where education and hard work were all you needed to raise yourself up, where it was not the color of your skin that mattered, but the content of your character.

The Hope and Change of Obama and his felonious co-conspirators is based on separating groups along racial lines, pitting one group against another, stirring up racial hatred in the hope of fomenting violence, dividing and conquering. The great fear of the White Left back in the 1960s was that black people would realize that their self-interests were the same those of white people’s. Let’s do everything possible to make those fears continue to come true. Close the borders!

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