What Are They Not Telling Us, Second Person Diagnosed with Ebola Wore Full Protective Gear

(Conservativepapers.com)  A Texas health care worker who has contracted Ebola was wearing “full protective gear” and was deemed at “lower risk” before being diagnosed with the virus, medical officials have said.

The Texas health worker who provided care for the first person diagnosed with Ebola in the United States has tested positive for the deadly virus in a preliminary examination, a state health official said on Sunday.

The health care worker at the Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital reported a low-grade fever Friday night and was isolated and referred for testing, the Texas Department of State Health Services said in a statement.

The number of people known to have died in the worst Ebola outbreak on record has risen to 4,033 out of 8,399 cases in seven countries, the World Health Organization said on Friday.

Officials said they are working to identify anyone who may have had contact with the worker.

Authorities in the US are investigating a possible “breach in protocol” which led to a health worker becoming infected with Ebola wile wearing full protective gear, it ask the question if Ebola is airborne.

50 people continue to be monitored for signs of the virus after coming into contact with  the first patient who died from Ebola in the US city of Dallas. Now everyone that has been in contact with this health worker is being tracked down too.

The hospital’s health care workers were not among 48 individuals being monitored by the CDC twice daily. The patient was monitoring herself and reported a low-grade fever on Friday night. She was then isolated and referred for further testing. Those preliminary ?test results were received late Saturday night.

“It is possible that in the coming days we will see additional cases of Ebola,” Dr. Thomas Frieden said.

No other patients are currently being transported by ambulance to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, the emergency room is in lock down.

They are focusing the investigation on the kidney dialysis process, the removal of Duncan’s respiratory equipment, and the removal of the worker’s protective gear.

Frieden said that taking off protective gear is a “major potential area for risk” as it is difficult to take off a contaminated suit without being exposed to the virus. There is concern that other hospital workers could also be at risk if they had a similar breach in protocol.

It appears the CDC doesn’t know everything about this strain of Ebola. Or, they’re not telling all they know. Could this be more blood on this Administration’s hands, on top of the dead American children from the Enterovirus spread by illegal immigrant children.

The real question is can we trust our government is being honest with us for the ricks associated with Ebola. This is an administration that has been known to not be upfront, promising citizens they can keep their health insurance planes, blaming a terrorist attacks on youtube videos, covering up a prostitution scandal in Columbia, Benghazi, the IRA and the list goes on and on. Are we to trust this same administration to be straight with us on the risks of Ebola?

Just last week this administration said “We are confident of the CDC protective measures.” All Evidence to the contrary not withstanding!

THis administration also said “You cannot contract..” this is absolute BS. There have been two studies (One US Army, One Canadian) which CONCLUSIVELY prove that physically separated subjects, which had NO contact, cross contaminated.

The United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases conducted a monkey to monkey Ebola study in December 1995, published in The Lancet, Vol. 346. (Here is a link to the abstract, but the entire article must be purchased.) http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih[dot]GOV/pubmed/8551825

“Several Rhesus monkeys were infected with Zaire Ebola by intramuscular injection while three control Rhesus monkeys were kept in cages separated 10 feet from the infected monkeys. All of the injected monkeys died of Ebola by day 13 and 2 out of 3 control monkeys died of Ebola by 8 days after that. The authors of this study concluded that:

“The exact mode of transmission to the control monkeys cannot be absolutely determined, although the pattern of pulmonary antigen staining in one of the control monkeys was virtually identical to that reported in experimental Ebola virus aerosol infection in rhesus monkeys, suggesting airborne transmission of the disease via infectious droplets… Fomite or contact droplet transmission of the virus between cages was considered unlikely. Standard procedures in our BL4 containment laboratories have always been successful in the prevention of transmission of Ebola or Marburg virus to uninflected animals. Thus, pulmonary, nasopharyngeal, oral, or conjunctival exposure to airborne droplets of the virus had to be considered as the most likely mode of infection… Our present findings emphasize the advisability of at-risk personnel employing precautions to safeguard against ocular, oral, and nasopharyngeal exposure to the virus.”

The CDC is lying about transmission. Look up old youtube videos of EBOLA from the 1970’s and you will see with your eyes the “experimentation” going on with EBOLA during this time. The people in these videos are dying from this sickness the same way they are dying from it NOW. EBOLA is not today’s news…it started years ago. The test subjects were monkeys with an Ebola strain that could be transmitted through the air just by a cough alone. They got rid of this strain because of the immediate hazard and have this milder strain that we know of today.



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