Obama Puts Africa Before the USA

Obama is so damned transparent,  he wants Americans dead.  He worries more about the African economy than our own.  He really should go to Kenya with his he/she spouse and run for President there.  He cares nothing about the well being of America.  So, the flights and visas continue.

I had to laugh, a person whom I thought was honest and I could trust has turned the blind eye to stopping the flights. Michael Osterholm has gone over to Obama side.  He was on the Fox news channel debating a Republican congressman and Michael Osterholm stated that we cannot stop people from those countries from coming into the US, as he put it they will fly to neighboring countries and come through the border.

So, why not stop the flights and take control of our border/  Logical no?   He sees that the border is so open that the Africans from Ebola hot zones will come anyway.  Unreal.  So, we cannot control the border, therefore we give them visas?  What about when this hits Haiti?  Do we give out visas to them too? What about other countries, what if it hits Germany or Spain? Well, I guess Germany would not get any.  Evil white people to Obama.

If we get 5 or 10 Ebola zone immigrants who have Ebola we are in trouble.  Each 5 or 10  will have contacts and then HCW who will take ill and then the outbreak begins here.  Guess what, when that happens NO Country in the world will allow us to travel there.  Look at Belize and Mexico.  They did not care what nationality the suspect cases were, just when they heard Ebola they said NO WAY you can disembark passengers on our land.  …and rightly so.  That is caring for your population.  They said no to what was the most powerful country in the world.  It is no longer, but was.

The east coast is the worst place to be.  When it hits it will be hardest hit as we have the largest number of E Africans.  Montana, Oregon (where you are is great don’t think you will have a problem unless people from the east head your way.  Also, I think N Dakota,  (although with the oil workers there I am not sure it is that safe there) Wyoming should be OK  Washington State and parts of California should be OK. Near the southern border however is not good.  S California maybe not be too good.  Texas, Florida really high risk.

The Caribbean is going to be a bad place to go.  Haiti, Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico not safe.

Chicago, Ill. NY and Atlanta, Ga. bad   Texas very bad and Boston, Mass bad. up and down the east coast risky for Ebola.

Now we have to use our heads.  I went to buy more gloves and the store was all sold out.  I took latex but prefer non latex.  I bought out the gloves.  Waiting on the masks.  Now is the time to shop and stock up.  People in NYC are wearing masks and using gloves. The gas station cashier is going to start using gloves when she comes back to work Monday.  She said she had not thought about the pens, gas pump handles or money but is taking my advice.  Her husband said that Belmont racetrack was dead last Saturday.  No people.  He is not going back until the Ebola is settled and stopped.

Luckily, you don’t have strange hands touching your food.  You grow your own so you don’t have to worry about a store clerk touching them.  Do you grow all year?  In Iceland they use the covered hot house and grow all year.  I suppose UV lighting helps augment sun light as they use that in Iceland.

People have not given any thought to what a full-fledged Ebola outbreak is like.  Pretty quickly there is no room for the dead and no virus proof bags to put them into.  Africa cremates by throwing them onto a funeral pyre like the UK did with the FMD animals.  Business stop for the most part.  People are afraid to even buy produce.
With all of the disinfectant and antivirals used will that make the virus mutate quicker?  I never much liked the antibacterial soaps and sanitizers as I thought over use would bring about mutations in the pathogens.

Isn’t it odd that we don’t hear one word from Ken Alibekov or Bill Patrick or even Jerry Hauer.  Seems odd.  Although Alibek(ov) was a bacteria specialist he also did claim to work on Ebola remember his claim that they created Ebolapox?  I never did believe him about mutating Ebola and Smallpox however he did describe the disease resulting from that as “blackpox.”  Our friend Dr K up at the Univ. of Wisconsin (is it) is quiet as well. Just seemed strange.  This CDC boss does not even have a current medical license.  He let his license lapse.  He also is not board certified in anything.  Dark times getting worse.

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