MH17 prosecutor open to theory another plane shot down airliner: Der Spiegel

AMSTERDAM  – The Obama administration was quick to blame Russia for the downed jetliner in Ukraine over the summer, miraculously the day of the incident, before an investigation was even started the Obama Administration “knew” what happened and who was behind the downing.  The media hardly reported this but the only country to come forward with satellite date was Russia,  the Obama Whitehouse claims were never back up with any actual evidence.Jetliner Terror

Now Dutch prosecutors investigating the crash of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 believe the aircraft might have been shot down from the air but that a ground-to-air missile attack is still a possibility, a senior prosecutor said in a German media interview. It may not have been a BUK missile as the Obama administration has claimed the day of the incident.

The Russian government has always said it has radar imagery proving the fully laden Boeing 777 was shot down by a Ukrainian military aircraft flying in its vicinity, but Obama officials have never publicly accepted this scenario to this day.

In an interview published by German newsmagazine Der Spiegel on Monday, prosecutor Fred Westerbeke said the Dutch would ask Moscow to provide the information that had led them to believe a Ukrainian aircraft was nearby.

“We are preparing a request to Moscow for information … including the radar data with which the Russians wanted to prove that a Ukrainian military jet was nearby,” he added.

In the days after the crash, the Obama administration said it had evidence proving that the aircraft was brought down by a ground-to-air missile fired by Russian-backed forces occupying the area in eastern Ukraine where its wreckage now lies, the Obama administration never provided any concrete evidence to these claims.

An interim report issued by the Dutch Safety Board, which investigates air crashes, listed several passenger jets in flight MH17’s vicinity, but no military aircraft that would have been capable of shooting it down.

The fully loaded Boeing 777 airliner crashed over eastern Ukraine on July 17, killing all 298 people on board, more than two-thirds of whom were Dutch citizens.

Dutch authorities leading the international investigation of the crash have come under fierce criticism in the Netherlands in recent weeks from relatives of victims and lawmakers who say not enough progress has been made in identifying the perpetrators.

(Reporting By Thomas Escritt; Editing by Larry King)

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  1. That the US has stood by its stooges, the Ukrainian fascists by blaming Russia rather than producing evidence makes it clear that the idea of downing MH-17 was a US false flag operation intended to unite the EU, resucitate NATO and deflect world attention to Russia from the real threat of Islam. It reminds me of Iraq’s “WMD” that was hatched to bog the US down in the quagmire of Iraq and mulct it off three trillion dollars and five thousand soldiers till it could fight no more just to deflect the anger from 9/11 away from the real perpetrators who were all from the Saudi Caliphate and its Islamic bomb wielding sword arm, Pakistan. With the demolition of the socialist-secular Baathists, the counter poise to the two rival Islamic Caliphates of Iran and Saudi Arabia came to an end. US foreign policy is fashioned by those on Petro Dollar pay rolls and defeats its tactics and operations that are intended to appease and hood wink US citizens. The US is but a gun for hire. In Ukraine once sees Obama’s revenge for being up staged by Putin over Syria and Saudi (intelligence) Bandar anger at being told by Putin that he would not only not support the Caliphate over Syria but would bomb Mecca if the Caliphate tried a Beslan in Sochi, converged to accentuate the action.

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