Here’s Who Got Obamacare Coverage, Explained in Just 1 Minute

Get ready to be inundated with a fresh round of Obamacare propaganda. President Obama’s health care law will be back in the news next month when open enrollment begins Nov. 15. The government is already gearing up to recruit more enrollees.

But based on what we know already, the Affordable Care Act isn’t panning out exactly as expected. That’s because the vast majority—an estimated 71 percent—of people who gained coverage under Obamacare between January and June did so by qualifying under Medicaid’s loosened eligibility requirements.

Our new video explains the real story in just one minute.

For more information, read Edmund Haislmaier and Drew Gonshorowski’s report, “The Real Story on How Much Obamacare Increased Coverage.”

Source material can be found at this site.

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