Understanding the Liberal Mindset

By Gail Jarvis 

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Liberals maintain that there is only one side to every story. Their side. Because their political views are a matter of faith rather than opinion, it is impossible to engage them in rational debate. Liberals believe passionately that whatever it takes to impose their philosophies on the public is justified. Therefore, “the end justifies the means” is the basis of the Liberal mindset. There are numerous examples of the Left’s dependence on “the end justifies the means” philosophy but one that is currently of great concern to us is their tampering with votes; e.g. , rigging electoral systems to change voting results.

During the 2012 presidential election, we were inundated with reports of voter fraud. Similar reports are surfacing now as the 2014 mid-term election approaches. The following three examples are typical of the voting scams we are reading about: In Chicago’s Cook County, a voter using a touch screen voting machine witnessed his vote for a Republican being assigned to a Democrat. In Georgia, a Democratic organization was caught forging voter registration applications. – And in Arizona, a video camera captured a man wearing a a left-wing activist group tee shirt as he entered a polling station with a large box full of pre-marked ballots and began inserting these ballots into voting slots. (When confronted by poll workers, he angrily told them “f—- y—-!”

As we would expect, Leftist organizations like the Washington Post, Mother Jones, and Slate Magazine, claim that voter fraud is extremely rare, and most accusations of voter fraud are baseless. They dismiss such accusations as “myths.” In a recent speech, former Democratic President Jimmy Carter claimed that requiring voters to produce a photo ID is part of a conspiracy to prevent African Americans from voting. Carter insisted that it was rare for anyone to use a false identity to cast more than one vote. – These claims are astonishing because rarely a day goes by that we don’t hear about another incident of voter fraud or attempted voter fraud. We are well aware that non-citizens are attempting to vote. And information is circulating about the ease of manipulating absentee and other mail-in ballots. I maintain that arguments dismissing voter fraud are another blatant example of the “the end justifies the means” mindset at work.

One technique the Left uses to manipulate the public into accepting its radical social changes is by making the claim: “You can’t turn back the clock.” This semantic device implies that Liberal tinkering with America’s culture is simply the natural progression of events necessary to create a better society. It’s obvious that you can’t turn back the clock but it’s just as obvious that you can’t turn the clock forward. And this is what the Liberal establishment has been trying to do, especially in its attempts to replace “equal opportunity” with “equal outcomes.”

Government has given special preferences to members of groups that it classifies as “previously disadvantaged.”

For decades, our government has given special preferences to members of groups that it classifies as “previously disadvantaged.” At first we ignored the harmful side effects of these preferences. But we finally realized that contrary to what we were told, preferential treatment for one group eventually results in detrimental treatment for other groups. It’s a contemporary version of robbing Peter to pay Paul.

We’ve robbed Peter to pay Paul for several decades now and there is no end in sight. Preferences were originally meant for black Americans only, but the Left has expanded the definition of what constitutes a victim group. Preferences were eventually conferred on the LGBT community, and now illegal immigrants receive special preferences. – The enormous cost of governmental preferences for illegal immigrants is coming out of the pockets of working American taxpayers. And the cost is mushrooming. Preferences are legislated thievery. Decades of special preferences are typical of the Leftist actions that have caused many of us to wish that we could turn back the clock.

Liberal policies are designed to benefit individual groups, not society at large

Liberal policies are designed to benefit individual groups, not society at large. In fact, the most common reason politicians propose a law is to appease favored voting blocs. The need for many proposed laws is often questionable, and they usually fail to produce the benefits promised. Potential harmful side effects are never a consideration. The sad truth is that once a law is implemented, even if it doesn’t work, it is never repealed. Clever spin doctors will try to craft language to make the public think that society is actually better today than it was in the past. But society isn’t any better, only changed.

Those on the Left believe that “change” is more beneficial to society than stability. And Liberals are always hunting for anything that they can change. In their minds, change is closely related to what they call “hope.” And Leftists believe that anytime anything gets changed, it always gets better. They are like the restless housewife who can’t stop redecorating. I wonder how many Americans believe that the changes of the last few decades have improved our country? Polls indicate that Americans today are significantly less hopeful than in prior generations.

However, politicians still think that they can convince the public that their failed policies have succeeded. – Consider President Obama’s recent claim: “By every economic measure, we are better off now than we were when I took office. You wouldn’t know it, but we are.” (Right. We wouldn’t know it.) Even Liberal columnists are expressing dismay at President Obama’s penchant for making bogus off-the-wall statements like that one. But Mr. Obama knows that a sizable segment of the population doesn’t even have a basic understanding of how the economy works .

Indoctrination takes precedence over fair and balanced reporting

The public knows that television news programs have egregiously slanted their news reports to try to convince Americans that today’s society is better than in the past. “The end justifies the means” has now become the controlling philosophy for left-leaning news organizations—They don’t even attempt to report news impartially – indoctrination takes precedence over fair and balanced reporting, and viewpoints always favor the Left

For several decades, we have witnessed how Liberal policies have seriously damaged America. Today, the social justice thought police are trying their best to prevent us from using common sense. But it doesn’t seem to be working. The left-leaning media has failed in its attempt to make the Obama administration appear successful. And opinion polls indicate that a majority of Americans do not believe that our country is “better off” after six disastrous years of the Obama presidency.

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