Muslim Immigration to UK: Rise in Terror, Major Cultural Issues

Four religion of peace followers planned to murder the British the Queen in a knife attack. The Muslims planned to murder her this weekend at a Remembrance Day event in London.

The four Islamic terrorist were all arrested and are being held in custody on suspicion of being concerned in “the commission, preparation or instigation of acts of terrorism.

But this is only the beginning, the UK is another example to what massive Muslim immigration can do to a Western nation. In only one week’s time, British authorities carried out 100 anti-terror operations. Frightening Poll results show that that a large number of British Muslims want barbaric Sharia law in the UK and they do not identify as being British, many sympathizes with ISIS. Many UK Muslims are joining the ISIS terror group and returning to the UK, devising terror plots against the country which took them in and often pays them generous welfare benefits.

MUslims are such a problem in the UK they are three times the percentage of the overall prison population and yet only 4.4% of the overall population.

JUst how bad are things getting in the UK, according to Scotland Yard assistant commissioner Mark Rowley, they have been carrying out “about 100 Syria-related preventative activities each week” and have been successful in thwarting several attack plots each year. They have made over 218 arrests in the the past 10 months and shut down an astounding 51,000 websites designed to recruit terrorist jihadists. That is averaging out to about 1000 sites each week.

Of course these numbers are not reported as front page news in the mainstream media. Instead, we hear about “Islamophobia” and supposed “hate sites” which merely provide the evidence that Islam is not a religion of peace but of violence.

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Reality is this is not a question of “Islamophobia,” a quick glance at the numbers is enough to demonstrate that Islam is incompatible with the West, and the most assimilated Muslims are the most secular. It is clearly the doctrine of Islam that is used to attract Western Muslims to the violence because the religion itself is the excuse, giving permission to those attracted to the savagery to carry out their violent fantasies, in the name of Allah, who is supposed to be the G-d of Abraham, according to Islamic teachings! It all seems like something far more sinister, as Paul Wilkinson points out in “Is Islam a Satanic Cult?”

The end result is that the more religious a Muslim, the greater the tendency toward terrorism. In most all other religions the more religious they are the more peaceful, inside Islam it the exact opposite.

Leftist political correctness calls for the use of the word “extremism,” but what is extremism if not taking something to the extreme? Therefore, unlike other religions, where the more pious one is, the more spiritual and the more peaceful, the doctrine of Islam requires violence. And so calling a Muslim terrorist an “extremist” is a nice way of saying that person is a religious Muslim who follows Islam “extremely” well.

While politicians want to bring in refugees to “help” them, the multicultural approach discourages integration, resulting in refugees and other Muslim immigrants forming their own separate societies, in a sense, bringing the old country to the new, or bringing the Middle East or African third world barbarity to Great Britain.

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In the below video you will see group of young Muslim launching rocket fireworks at police in Bow, East London. The video was distributed on Facebook by members of the public that were concerned it did not appear in the mainstream media.

Reality is this is just Muslims following a barbaric deadly cult called Islam. Following traditions and tribal tendencies of an

insane madman named Mohammad. A man that murdered people, took life, rapes, stole good and land and even cities. He had slaves, and married multiple women, one wife was even 6 years old and Mohammad was 53, clearly the man they consider to be a prophet was a pedophile too.

Oil and water do not mix, and neither do advanced Western culture and Muslim barbarism. We cannot transplant Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iraq or Somalia to the West and expect things to go smoothly. And now Britain is paying the price.

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