Michael Brown’s DNA found on Officer Wilson’s gun!


Race had zero to do with Brown’s death. If he were white and took the same actions, he would still be killed. Brown’s choices cost him his life.

“A crime scene investigator described swabbing Wilson’s gun with a Q-tip; the subsequent D.N.A. report found Mr. Brown’s genetic material on Officer Wilson’s Sig Sauer pistol. Similarly, D.N.A. from Mr. Brown was also found on the officer’s uniform pants and shirt. In his own testimony, Officer Wilson told jurors that Mr. Brown had grabbed the gun while the two scuffled at the car.” -NYT Nov. 25, 2014

Also see: Michael Brown Shooting physical evidence Grand Jury saw (evidence showing that Mr. Brown was moving toward the officer)

Here is an example of evidence that supports the fact that Michael Brown was moving toward the officer:
GRAND JUROR: “So as far as physical evidence, we have the blood on the ground that was about 21 or 22 feet from where Michael Brown ended up.” p 4741 of grand-jury-testimony.pdf source:

“Transcripts of the Grand Jury Proceedings Here is a link to the transcript of the documents and evidence presented to the grand jury in Clayton, Mo., that was deciding whether to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the fatal shooting on August 9 of Michael Brown. The documents were released by the St. Louis County prosecutor, Robert P. McCulloch. — THE NEW YORK TIMES

“Farther away from the car, the investigator showed with photographs, were two blood-spatter patterns – evidence showing that Mr. Brown was moving toward the officer, and the car, when he was killed in the second flurry of shots.” – NYT: Documents Released in the Ferguson Case

See Witness 10 of Michael Brown Shooting

Witness 48:
Detective: Up on, uh, Canfield, can you can you tell me what you saw?
Witness 48: Um, we was pulling up on Canfield Drive, going into the Canfield Green Apartments and I seen a officer in his cruiser which was a SUV
Detective: Ok.
Witness 48: And, uh, I seen a young man standing near the cruiser, you heard two shots fired.
Detective: Uh hmm..
Witness 48: And then you seen him take off down the street.
Detective: Ok.
Witness 48: And then a police officer hopped out of his cruiser and started chasing him, the dude turned back around and started charging towards the police officer, the police officer told him to stop at least three times.
Detective: Uh hmm.
Witness 48: And the boy wouldn’t stop, he fired three rounds, the dude kept running, fired four more rounds, and then he finished off the rounds I guess, and he fell on the ground dead.
Detective: Ok, so, um so you-you saw an SUV…
Witness 48: Uh hmm.
Detective: … police car?
page 2
Witness 48: Uh hmm.
Detective: Ok, and then before the policeman got out of the car, how many shots did you hear?
Witness 48: Two.

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