The Obamavirus

By Dr. Brad Lyles  

After six years of Obama’s rule the sickness caused by his Obamavirus is so widespread it may soon destroy our nation.

Prior to now it has only been possible to observe the Obamavirus phenomenon and document its ravaging of our rights, our Constitution and our lives. No further observation is necessary. We understand the Obamavirus well enough.

We already know the Obamavirus is the most deadly strain of the family of Liberal Viruses. It is based in the genetics of anti-Americanism, anti-“Colonialism,” Statism, Communism, Racialism, Socialism, Fascism, Maoism, Stalinism, Leninism, and Alinsky-ism.

We know the Obamavirus is currently in its exponential growth phase. The six years’ damage it has already wrought is insignificant compared to what will come.

Because of all we already know, we must understand we need now focus ourselves solely upon developing effective means to fight, then defeat, the Obamavirus.

What we need are more ideas for solutions, not more observations or descriptions.

Consider the average news/commentary article found in the top Conservative websites. Many/most focus upon reporting, issue identification, interpretation, or satire – but not solutions. This is unfortunate because the authors of these articles likely possess many wonderful ideas for solutions – though they seldom risk sharing them in print.

The Obamavirus demands we no longer hesitate to risk appearing foolish. In fact, we must try to look foolish. We must throw upon the wall anything we can think of – anything – to see “whether it will stick.”

This is the process – brainstorming – well accepted as a requisite for creativity and innovation. And we need as much creativity and innovation as we can find. All standard measures have failed or have become infected themselves: Congress, the Courts, the Republican Establishment, Education, the Media, Entertainment, and even many otherwise conservative Fox programs and commentators. The Obamavirus is so deadly, however, we cannot risk attacking it with standard measures any further.

Something far more powerful and all-encompassing is required: The development of novel antiviral drugs, ‘speaking truth to power,’ or a lower bar for replacing ridiculously incompetent and treasonous House and Senate leaders.

Most Conservatives have pondered the Obamavirus for six years or more yet none has articulated an idea sufficient for our salvation. Or…such ideas have been expressed but remain suffocated by the failed orthodoxy of many of our leaders and their media organs.

We can no longer permit ourselves to require permission for the transmission of every silvery flopping idea we can net from the Conservative thought stream. We need to persuade as many ideas to the surface as possible, and capture every one.

For now, we can be certain of only one aspect of an effective anti-Obamavirus program: It will look nothing at all like anything we’re doing now.


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