Obama’s Disastrous Legacy

Obama Failed Foreign Policy
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By Peter Paton

History and the Record Books will document the disastrous and failed legacy of President Barack Hussein Obama.

Where did it all go wrong for the First Black President of the United States ? Some historians will point to Obama increasing the National Debt Level to an incredible and unpayable $18 Trillion, which has placed every American and his family in debt for their future lives and beyond, wrecked the Economy, and caused Mass Unemployment and Homelessness, and left the American Dream on the verge of being a Banana Republic.

Other observers will point to Obama’s Flagship Left Wing policies Obamacare and Amnesty as being the Death Knell for the Republic as we know it, with the social scourges of a health provison that no one wants to sign up for, and an Immigration Nightmare which will grant citizenship to upwards of Thirty Million Hispanics, with all the catastrophic consequences that will visit on the American Way of Life.

But arguably the most hideous and malign failure of Obama is his Terminal Foreign Policies, which have gave tenous backing and support to the Genocidal Regimes of Syria, Iran and now Cuba, all sworn enemies of the United States, and ostracised relations with Russia and our main Middle East Ally Israel. The repercussions from these ill conceived and naive Foreign Policy Initiatives are now laid on the table of President Donald Trump.

Peter Paton is an International PR and Strategic Adviser

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