Thanks to PC western leaders, it’s Happy Hunting for the Terrorists

By Judi McLeod

When terrorists look in the rear view mirror after their latest slaughterhouse jihad in any land, they clearly see the cowardice of all western leaders and plenty of opportunities in what millennials would call ‘wiggle room’.

ware right down to their AK-47 tingling trigger fingers, the terrorists of today and tomorrow know that they will never be I’D’d as ‘terrorists’ because the leaders of the countries they strike will never allow the populations of their countries to call terrorism, terrorism.

How they must have joked and laughed in the safety of their mountain cave camps when tough guy Barack Obama called the “Allahu Akbar”- shouting terrorist at Fort Hood’ s crystal clear act of horrific terrorism ‘workplace violence’ rather than what it was.

‘Workplace violence’ opened the door for the expression “lone wolf ”and the almost as ubiquitous “a few deranged individuals”,  and “a deeply disturbed individual”, or those whose lawyers spare them the death penalty by pleading insanity on their behalf.

How Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott could stand at Tuesday’s press conference and say the things he did—and get away with it—goes right back to ‘Workplace Violence’.

“It is pretty obvious that the perpetrator was a deeply disturbed individual, a long history of crime, a long history of mental instability and infatuation with extremism.  It’s interesting that the ISIL death cult seems to attract people like that.  I refuse to use the term Islamic State and I would strongly caution anyone, anywhere, from using that term because that exults a movement which has nothing to do with any real religion and is a travesty of a true and just state.  It is very wrong to identify the death cult that the individual concerned tried to associate himself with; it is very wrong to identify that death cult with any community or with any faith.  The phrase that I like to refer to, uttered by my friend, Prime Minister Najib of Malaysia of the ISIL death cult: it’s against God, it’s against religion, it’s against humanity,” Abbott stated.

One would think that Abbott was running for election rather than slamming the door on terrorism on Australian soil.

He’s not the only Western leader furiously poring over the lexicon to try find cover for the word ‘terrorism’.

There’s the wishy-washy toward terrorism German Chancellor Angela Merkel:

“German officials are tangled up in knots over Islamic State. While they recognize the threat, there has been little appetite over the years to clamp down on jihadist networks in the country. In short, Berlin’s lax policies toward terrorist groups have contributed to its Islamic State crisis. (Long War Journal))

“It is worth recalling that Hezbollah’s so-called political wing is legal in the country. According to Germany’s national domestic intelligence report covering 2013, and published in June 2014, Hezbollah has 950 active members in the Federal Republic. There are also roughly 6,300 radical Islamists in Germany who are supporters of the Sunni branch of Salafism, Interior Minister de Maiziere said last week. Many of these Salafists are connected to the ideologies of al Qaeda, Shabaab, or the Islamic State.

“Germany’s latest domestic intelligence report described the growth of Salafists as the most “dynamic Islamic movement” in Germany.”

How often have we heard in the direct aftermath of the latest terrorist attack: “We shouldn’t rush to conclusions”?

Abbott, Merkel and Obama merely frustrate their populations when they defiantly refuse to call terrorism out for what it truly is, but their lack of courage and truth in identification not only enables, but encourages further acts of terrorism by showing the we-don’t-fight-back weakness of the terrorists’ enemies.

Terrorists who catch up on the news on the Net are as much online as are politicians and Hollywood stars.  There is ample proof that they do most of their recruiting online.

Political hacks like Lois Lerner take the Fifth to keep the truth about IRS corruption out of the public limelight, terrorists take to Twitter, and star behind masks in YouTube beheadings that go viral.

Terrorists can proceed with the kind of confidence that comes from knowing that as long as Obama is in office, there will be no boots on the ground; no spurning of countries classified as in the state sponsored terrorism category.

Kill-happy terrorists of the day, whether called al Qaeda or ISIS,  know full well that their Muslim brothers who master minded 9/11 were never—in any way—called to justice.  They know, just like most others do that some 14 years on, Congress, courtesy of Senator Diane Feinstein seeks justice, not for the killers of innocents, but for the water-boarding and torture tactics of the CIA.

Just two months after Canada’s two 2014 terrorists attacks, one in Quebec, one brazenly at Ottawa’s War Memorial, there’s no talk about terrorism in this country.  Days after the terrorist attack snuffed out the lives of 132 school children, and 9 staff members in Pakistan,  same thing.  A week after the Lindt terrorist attack in Sydney, Australia, mostly Tony Abbott’s voice giving a terrorist the cover of “deeply disturbed individual” status.

The mainstream media is not talking about terrorist attacks in Canada, Australia or Pakistan.

They’re talking about movie world fears for freedom of speech because the screening of a Christmas Day parody was pulled, due to threats maybe from North Korea, maybe China or perhaps Russia.

In the U.S. routine hack attacks on average citizens by their own government agencies like NSA are virtually ignored, but the howls from Hollywood and the White House on the suspected North Korea computer attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment are both dominant and deafening.

“The suspected North Korea computer attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment is a “serious national security matter,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said Thursday, as officials said the Obama administration is preparing to announce who it believes is behind the devastating hack. (Washington Post, Dec. 18, 2014)

Earnest said that the White House is weighing options for a “proportional” response to the attack whose ramifications President Obama is monitoring “very closely himself.”

A “proportional” response to the hack attack from Hawaii? Take THAT,  Kim Jong-un!
It’s the movie world’s fears of loss of freedom of speech for a parody being pulled and not terrorism that finds Obama’s personal attention.

Meanwhile, as long as Western leaders take to mics warning the unwashed masses never to refer to terrorism as terrorism,  it’s going to be happy hunting for worldwide terrorists.

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