Jon Stewart And Bill O’Reilly’s Debate About White Privilege Turns Into A Shouting Match

A privilege is, a special right or advantage. 

Minorities get special advantages all the time, black only scholarships, black only financial aid, black only clubs and groups in colleges, black history month, affirmative action etc… So…becauseI haven’t been negatively impacted by certain factors in society, I have white privilege.

Do I also have dog bites privilege? How about no floods privilege? I haven’t been negatively impacted by those either, but no one says well it’s because I have dog bite privilege. I mean give me a break. You cannot prove a negative.

I  don’t feel obligated to apologies to black people for slavery personally, because I have never condoned or justified slavery in my life, so therefore I have nothing to apologize for.

Its not an idea of white people being privileged, it’s an idea of black people not having the same level. people see it as the white community above the black community, when in reality its the black community behind the white community, due black community being ignored, and isolating themselves from the white community.

[youtube QfAgnvsJ8II nolink]


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