We Asked for Your Stories of Miracle Births. The Ones You Shared Are Awe-Inspiring.

When you hear the words “miracle birth” around Christmastime, you might think of one particular birth—the one that happened more than 2,000 years ago in Bethlehem involving a virgin mother named Mary.

There was no medicine or surgery involved, but there was a lot of hope, love and miraculous intervention. And while none can rival Jesus, there have been many other miracle birth stories since. Some belong to you, in fact.

This month as part of our Life Pioneers series, The Daily Signal shared the story of Elijah Leffingwell, who survived a rare fetal surgery while in his mother’s womb. Thankfully, Elijah is a healthy 2-year-old today. He joins a growing number of other children who made it through tough pregnancies—some of them nearly aborted at a doctor’s recommendation.

Your stories are proof that it is a better idea to bet on life, even when hope seems small.

We asked if you had any miracle birth stories to share, and you responded with some of your most personal details.

While many readers reminded us that every birth is a miracle, others recounted situations that simply can’t be explained by human understanding.

Thanks for sharing your miracle stories with us. Hopefully the lives of your children, grandchildren and family members will bring hope and inspiration to others.

There are many more miracle birth stories where these came from. Please add yours in the comments below.

Our focus on fetal surgery this month showcases the wonder of human life and how far humanity has come with medical science.

We hope many more babies will have a chance at life thanks to the miracle of science, the power of prayer and a labor of love.

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