Charles Krauthammer for Speaker of US House!

By John W. Lillpop

As 2015 begins, America’s political future faces an uncertain period of political turbulence and danger.

We have a “lame duck” president who views the results of the mid-term elections, devastating for the Democrat Party, as “liberating” for his presidency.

Because Obama will not face another national election as President, he feels free to pursue his coveted “transformation of America” into an anti-capitalist, socialist state, which usurps the rights and powers of individual citizens and business interests, and vests such in big government bureaucrats and reckless nannies.

Obama intends to obliterate the US Constitution, and the principles on which it is based, by the use of unilateral presidential dictates.

Should Obama succeed, America will be transformed into a progressive tyranny run by a leftist dictator. Dissent would be oppressed as a matter of government policy, and transparency would be officially dead.

The mid-term elections made it perfectly clear that the American people, considered “stupid” by Obama and people of his ilk, do not accept Obama and his agenda. As a result, Republicans now control both chambers of Congress.

Unfortunately, John Boehner, current Speaker of the House, has shown little interest in listening to voters, who are adamant in their desire to STOP OBAMA!

As a result of Boehner’s weakness and lack of passion for ending the Obama tyranny, House Republicans are in disarray, with some conservatives working on a vigorous “dump Boehner” campaign.

Given the urgency of the “Stop Obama” crisis, John Boehner must be dumped—now! But who should take his place?

The Speaker should be a certified conservative who swears by the Constitution, the rule of law, and American values.

He, or she, should be a recognized intellectual known for clear thinking and rational thought. He, or she, should be respected as a person of integrity and honesty who is devoted to reversing the direction in which the nation has been headed over the past seven years.

Who has the intellectual tools, political acumen, and competence to serve as Speaker of the US House?

How about Charles Krauthammer? He is a respected columnist, a conservative advocate, and decent man of impeccable competence.

Best of all: Charles Krauthammer is a trained and licensed psychiatrist!

Imagine a skilled psychiatrist going head-to-head with our dysfunctional Marxist community organizer!

Charles Krauthammer may be exactly what is needed to save America.

And who knows, he might even be available for the 2016 GOP presidential nomination!

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