RAW VIDEO: Shooting at Charlie Hebdo Magazine Office, At Least 12 People Killed

While Western authorities temporize and retreat. Unless things dramatically turn around, and soon, this could herald the end of the freedom of speech.france terrror

Those cowards shoot unarmed civilians in the head right on the street. And people apologize for offending Muslims. All these terrorists are sick cowards, just like Mohammad the child rapist.

There is no way Western Civilization can go on clinging to it’s political correctness and hopes that by sheer persistence our way of life will eventually take hold in the hearts and minds of those warped by this barbaric religion. The only people who seem to understand that it is “Us vs Them” is them.  Once these lunatics set off a nuke on a major Western city we will finally pull our heads from the sand, ditch the one-world-love-fest mentality and see the reality we now face on this planet.

[youtube tVDkFi-WBTA nolink]

[youtube g3lSK4_6byY nolink]

[youtube tVDkFi-WBTA]

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  1. Open letter to Muslims. You better get your buddies in check. These Europeans will NOT sit back idle. You “hate” Jews and throw a few bombs at Israel. When Europeans decided to blame the Jews for a lost war, they packed 6 million of them into trains and cooked them in ovens. This isn’t ancient history, this is the current leadership’s parents. .

    So if you are Muslim, and want to live a nice happy life, and you suspect a neighbor or family member of being an extremist, I would turn them in. Because if this stuff keeps happening you’ll end up with your family in a cattle car to a local gas chamber, they are more than happyy to put Auschwitz back in service for you dirty barbaric animals!

  2. Islam is returning to its roots and following in the footsteps of Mahomet. Mahomet is dead. Hasten the followers to follow.

  3. Where’s the blood?

    It always amazes me how these events are always caught on video tape. Perhaps, that’s what lends many of these events to “over-kill.” [Please dismiss any unintended pun]

    Note the Santa Monica Dummy pic.

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