Political Correctness and Jihad in Paris, France

 (Conservativepapers.com) The heinous murders of Charlie Hebdo employees in France the Islamic terrorist in bed with leftist politically correct morons.  The “religion of peace” zealots murdered these people because they expressed their views freely. This sends two unequivocal and critically important messages that even liberal and backbone-less European and American politicians and journalists could no longer ignore:

1. That Islam is really inconsistent with democracy; this is something that even Muslim leaders have screamed to the top of their lungs in European manifestations for years which until now had been ignored by these back-bone less politicians and journalists; well, it can’t be ignored any longer!

2. That “political correctness” is really inconsistent with “free speech” – which is arguably the most important of all the bulwarks of democracy.

I do hope, for the benefit of the Western World, and mainly for the freedoms we enjoy, that this suffocating experiment called “political correctness” is indeed finished and that we can again call a “spade a spade”, particularly when it comes to the extremes of Islam, and express ourselves freely without the fear of having PC liberals calling us names from their even expanding PC arsenal.

But how much will it take, already liberals are out promoting this had nothing to do with Islam. First my question is if it had nothing do do with Islam why feel the need to mention that? The left will smear those who protest wanton terrorism as “racists”, and even forbid the term “Islamic terrorism” in the case of the USA, their leaders are the first to rush to the podium with empty words of sympathy after the latest act of terrorism.

Germans politically correct Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière said yesterday that the atatcks had nothing to do with Islam. Another clueless idiot Evan Kohlmann on MSNBC said we have to respect Islam. American Democrat Howard Dean obviously has his head so deep in the sand he made the statement that Paris Terrorist are not true Muslims, and said “They’re about as Muslim as I am.” Really Howard, did you convert, should we expect you to strap on a suicide belt any-day?

What will it take to get the left to take their head out of the sand and realize Islam is not a peaceful religion, it a religion started by a warlord. The founder of Islam Mohammad fought his way through the Middle East killing and converting who he could. He set many poor examples, besides being a mass murderer, he had a child bride named Aisha, he was 52 she was 6. The fact is Muslims consider a pedophile mass murder to be a prophet of their God, we can begin to see why the Islamic religion is such a mess.

Sadly the politically correct crowd may not come to the reality of Islam until a nuclear bomb is set off

in a major western city. We cannot expect see the issues with Islamic terror corrected anytime soon, because how can we try and fix a problem if we will not even acknowledge that problems exists? The left refuses to link Islamic terrorism to its root causes the teachings of Islam, so the situation will only get worse with the continued apologizing for Islam.

One of the Paris terrorist Cherif Kouachi was already convicted of terrorism charges, but he was still able to help cook up a plan, and get guns for yesterdays massacre. The Muslim terrorist first conviction was for helping recruit and transport people willing to fight in places like Syria. A LOT of money is funneled to the Middle East by relatives here in the U.S., and a number of people have been arrested, and convicted, of trying to travel abroad to fight with Muslim extremist/terrorist organizations. Clearly, 18 months in jail wasn’t enough to dissuade Cherif from continuing in terrorism….people like that should be sent home and deported or imprisoned for good, but the politically correct establishment will not allow that.

Muslims don’t want to be French, they don’t want to be Americans, they don’t want to be Brits, they just want to live off taxpayers money, while they try to change our countries into a Islamic version of the countries they escaped.

The entire mainstream media is capitulating to jihadist intimidation instead of standing up for the freedom of speech — which freedom, accordingly, is not long for this world. Fox, CNN, NBC won’t

show Charlie Hebdo Muhammad cartoons as to not offend Muslims.

Western leaders put their cart before the horse when they allowed legions of jihadists into their unsuspecting nations through lax and laughable immigration policies.

And just to think they came up with those policies in order to stay clear of mainstream media charges of being politically incorrect. How dare German chancellor Angela Merkel, smear PEGIDA (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the West), as “racists” and accuse 18,000 protesters who want an end to terrorism of “having hatred in their hearts”?

The liberal politically correct call on Western media to adopt Islamic Sharia blasphemy laws, and refrain from saying or doing anything that Muslims would find offensive — including, of course, honest discussion about how Islamic jihadists use Islamic texts and teachings to justify things like the Charlie Hebdo massacre. This is how the freedom of speech dies. The intelligentsia comes out for “common sense,” which equals self-censorship to avoid offending Muslims — in other words, voluntary submission to Sharia blasphemy law

This is the time to say, “Enough.” This is the time to say, We are going to stand for the freedom of speech. No more people are going to die for saying things that offend Muslims. The capacity to be offended and not respond with violence is essential to a pluralistic society, and the freedom of speech itself is our foremost protection against tyranny that would do whatever it willed and crush all dissent.

It is time to stand, or free speech will be lost, and when it is lost, all will be lost.

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Obama at UN: “The future does not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam”
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