The John Boehner Purge: Evoking Memories of Saddam Hussein!

By John W. Lillpop

One of the most frightening recollections that this reporter has of the late Saddam Hussein was a video that showed the soulless dictator presiding at a gathering of Ba’ath Party fellows, presumably celebrating something awful such as a gassing of rebellious Kurds, or dedication of a mass burial site for vanquished Iraqi citizens found ideologically unsuitable for further longevity.

Smiles on the faces of some in the crowd quickly turned to frightened looks of anguish as Saddam’s thugs tapped political opponents on the shoulder and escorted said enemies out of the celebration hall en route to a venue more suitable for execution.

A permanent purging hall, if you will.

As the doomed victims were escorted from the room in horror, Saddam was seen smiling broadly in anticipation of the blood to be spilled by those with the audacity to oppose him.

Although John Boehner’s purge of GOP members who opposed his re-coronation as Speaker of the House lacked the high drama and finality of the Saddam Hussein call to slaughter, Boehner’s acts were, nonetheless, quite despicable, given the fact that the US House is supposed to be part of a democratic republic where people sent to represent the people are free to represent said people according to their free will and conscious.

The idea is that elected representatives must be free to champion the issues and policies that will best serve the interests of the governed.

It’s supposed to be about “We the People,” not some weeping- willow traitor from Ohio who is secretly conjoined at the brain with America’s Marxist community organizer and avowed enemy of the US Constitution.

Still, John Boehner did pay a price for his tactics: As shown, the victorious Speaker ended up pressing his lips against the dried-up, wrinkled flesh of Nancy Pelosi!

Given the choice between smooching Nancy Pelosi and facing Saddam’s thugs, which do you suppose would be the “kinder, gentler” option?


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