Whittling Obama SOU Down to Reasonable Length!

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama’s annual play-acting in the form of the State of the Union address is one of the most dreaded political events in America these days.

Under Obama, the SOU has devolved into 60 minutes, or so, of paid political announcements and campaign promises divided roughly as follows:

A: 55 minutes of uninhibited distortions, exaggerations, and outright, damnable lies designed to glorify and give thanksgiving for our all-in-one Messiah, Nobel Peace prize warrior, and Marxist revolutionary for his exceptional wisdom, vision, and transparency-resistant fraud in “fundamentally transforming America” into a 3rdworld failure not dissimilar from the disaster known as Mexico, without arousing suspicion and anger among the “stupid” class of Americans who always vote Democratic,


B: 5 minutes of obviously unachievable promises for Utopian conditions to come, promises that are as vacuous, hollow and without redeeming substance as the promises made beginning with the 2009 SOU and which are the moral equivalent of “if you like your health plan and doctor” idiocy that made MIT shyster and ObamaCare architect Dr. Jonathan Gruber a very wealthy scam artist.

There will be NO mention of warts or black eyes coming from the Obama years. Specifically absent will be any mention of:

( )Re-engagement of the US military in the “dumb” war of Iraq;

( )Surrender and retreat from Afghanistan, the alleged Smart war;

( )Emergence of ISIS as the premier ISLAMIC terror entity on the planet, next to the non-decimated forces of Al-quaeda

( )Non scandals involving the murder of four American ambassadors in Benghazi; IRS targeting of conservative organizations; federal gun running managed from the DOJ as part of the infamous Fast and Furious debacle; exchange of Gitmo terrorists for Bowe Bergdahl; VA meltdown; AP telephone records; and the like.

( )Invasion of Unaccompanied Children from South America;

( )Violation of US Constitution and rule of law, especially with respect to immigration;

( )18 trillion national deficit;

( )Record poverty throughout nation;

( )Racial unrest and turmoil

( )Tens of millions of Americans not in work force!

In sum, rather than being a serious review of the condition of the nation, the SOU will be used to create a false impression of Obama as a champion of the little guy and protector of American values.

If he chose to do so, Obama could reduce his SOU message to an appropriate length by simply following one piece of advise: Limit the damn thing to truth and fact!

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