Non-discrimination has become favoritism for Islam

By A. Dru Kristenev  

Buffaloed by the age-old fear tactic, progressives seeking equality in an unequal world keep trying to tilt the playing field toward opponents armed with grenades and mortars. The result is anything but equality or non-discrimination, it is appeasement that has transformed into favoritism.

No other religion except Islam compels conversion using militant thought-police. When mainstream Muslim clerics declare snowmen to be idolatrous, excuses that radical Islamic sects alone are pedantic can’t whitewash the Charlie Hebdo massacre as an isolated, extreme reaction to some cartoons.

Hardly a week after the Paris terror of the magazine and kosher deli killings by Yemen and ISIS connected murderers, more West-phobic Islamicsleeper cells were raided in Belgium, France, Germany and now Greece. Yet, in the midst of the European heartache, Duke University offered Muslim students access to a Christian chapelloudspeaker system for their Friday call to prayer. Under duress from Christian leadership like Franklin Graham, the biased Duke administration backed down slightly by allowing the call to be made in the quad rather than from the church. Only secularist academics would assume no difference between beliefs (religion is religion and myth-based, after all) and have no qualms about forcing Christians to foster Muslim prayers. Be assured, however, if a Christian group had pressed to use a minaret to call for Sunday services the uproar would have been thundering.

Minute by minute, the flood of Muslim favoritism cuts deeper through western nations. President Obama, sharing a podium with British Prime Minister David Cameron, warned Congress not to attempt sending him a bill with new sanctions against Iran.Chiding America’s legislative branch that such action would prevent a negotiated end to Iran’s nuclear prospects, he said he’d veto such a bill. One might question the president’s priorities in allowing Iran to manipulate talks, openly working to obtain more time to develop nuclear weapons, which quest Iran denies. Favoring Iran whichever way the wind blows, the president is only interested in making a mark to prove himself to be the linchpin: “Nobody around the world, least of all the Iranians, doubt my ability to get additional sanctions passed should the negotiations fail.” (Emphasis added.)

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Islam in US public schools
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Public schools from Manhattan Beach, California to Massachusetts are requiring students to experience religious pluralism by learning the Muslim prayer of conversion.

When Israel withheld funds, rejecting the Palestinian Authority’s unwarranted, unsubstantiated charges to the International Criminal Court against it for aggression and war crimes, Abbas ran to his Arab brothers for consoling. “Equality”-minded nations then condemned Israel for acting in self-preservation, taking sides with terror supporters that threaten the small nation from the other side of a slender border.

Across the United States, public schools from Manhattan Beach, California to Massachusetts are requiring students to experience religious pluralism by learning the Muslim prayer of conversion. What public school allows Christians to audibly pray, or even answer queries about Christianity? Few, if any. That side of freedom of speech has disappeared in America for fear of retribution from atheists, secularists and Muslims.

Favoritism isn’t just for Islam. It has been advanced for illegal immigrants by way of executive memoranda; for black actors by way of Al Sharpton’s extortion of the Oscars; for those on welfare by way of redistributing wealth (President Obama is expected to advocate new taxes in the State of the Union address); for liberal non-profits by way of IRS discrimination against conservative groups; and on it goes. Now, more and more factions have taken to violence to assert gaining privileged status, although thus far, it is the Islamic terrorists that have resorted to all-out warfare to protect their thin-skinned egos.

A new Congress has just been seated in Washington, D.C. The question is whether Congress will continue to condone the erosion of the basic freedoms of this nation, or if it will stand to protect the Constitution and dismantle the steady creep of favoritism for Islam and every so-called minority by reinforcing liberty, which is the equal opportunity to earn respect.

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