America is Being Delivered Directly Into the Hands of Its Communist Enemies

By Jerry McConnell 

You have seen my columns stating that Obama is and has been the ruination of our once great and feared conservative nation but it is now becoming irreligious, feckless and subject to the moods and desires of a man who is unquestionably a phony actor pretending to be a Christian all the while damning Christianity and those who practice its teachings, including its most ardent bishops and priests.

He coddles all things and persons Islam/Muslim, supplanting our once conservatively fearless men of war in the military service for namby-pamby, diaper-wearing infants.  THERE ARE NO RECOGNIZABLE CONSERVATIVELY MOTIVATED WARRIORS LEFT IN OUR MILITARY.  The corrupt United Nations awaits the ceding of our sovereign national identity.

Obama has replaced all of the leadership positions in our military with flat-out, Muslim-loving, throat-slitting cowards who hide behind covered faces and beards.  He claims to fight the rogue ISIS Muslims, but orders infantile weakness from the military assigned to oppose these Islamic terrorists and allows the insurgents to terrorize and maraud openly against peaceful nations of which the United States is one.  And he disavows the combination of the titles Islamic terrorist as if lately there were any others.

It is incredibly disturbing to long-time American idealists, many of whom now call the Democrat Party, home and master, and actively deceive their former neighbors, friends and relatives who were and still are actively in favor of the traditional American spirit that was fostered by one-hundred percent Americans who are blessed with the Christian morals and traits of conservative and patriotic Americans of the founding days of the 1700s.

The ranks of the military branches are still filled with very patriotic and America-loving warriors who have the innate common sense to keep their heart-felt views to themselves so as not to create an unfavorable condition for themselves.  Their hopes are that their current masters will not last long before real patriots reclaim the leadership roles in the military and the “Spirit of ‘76” with a strong vein of Christianity that will reign once more in America.

Rabid communists bent on destroying our conservative governing Constitution

But in the meantime we will be bombarded with tales of un-Americanism such as appeared online on Jan. 27, 2015 by Tim Brown of Eagle Rising,  “Sandy Hook Commission says Screw the Constitution – Confiscate Guns!” which just by the title, tells us the non-conservative rant to disobey our Constitution directive contained in the Second Amendment.

In which, Brown states, “This commission is not interested in the truth.  It’s interested in creating more victims and granting more power to an already tyrannical state. They are interested in good intentions, but it seems to me they are merely paving the road to Hell.”  And you are correct, Mr. Brown because as I see it, when more victims are created, more suckers are made to further the Islamic/Socialist views of Obama.  And those additional ‘victims’ are undeniably transformed into automatic votes for Socialism.

The un-Americans who fall into these socialistic traps of liberal Democrat making become at once, rabid communists bent on destroying our conservative governing Constitution, paving the way for Obama to surrender our sovereignty to the corrupt U.N.

And weren’t you, like me, aware of a centuries-old religious connection with the Hebrews of what is now Israel?  The spirit and common-law recognition of a compassionate entity known to both followers of Judaism and Christianity as God the Savior has been forever in the backgrounds of both religious followings.

America has been an active supporter of most things Israelite since the beginnings of our conservative government creation in the 1700s and remains firmly so in spite of liberal bleatings and bellowing to the contrary from this Obama Administration.   But according to Eagle Rising online in the same Jan. 27, 2015 publication, the question has surfaced asking, ‘Wait – Who’s Side are We On? Shocking Report says USA Stopped Israel from Selling Arms to Nigeria to Fight Terrorists!

Well, the author, Onan Coca mentioned, in a fashion, that the guilty culprit in the USA that stopped Israel from selling arms for Nigeria to fight terrorists was of the government.

Now that tells me in round-about terms that the Obama Administration (if not Obama himself) was ultimately directly responsible for “The notion that we may have made the deaths of thousands that much easier by blocking transfer of military hardware from Israel to Nigeria should be disheartening for all of us. And it should be downright heartbreaking for the people in our government who stepped in and stopped the transfer.

“This is one decision that should never have been made – and someone (besides the innocent people dying in Nigeria) should have to pay for it.”

But don’t bet the farm on it happening.

This is just one more example of Obama interfering in foreign governments, inefficiently.  How this man keeps being allowed to punish those who should be free to make their own decisions, particularly when such actions have a seriously deleterious result of destabilization, is highly contradictory.

Obama as his Islamic roots demand, goes about his so-called “fence-mending” chores with Israel in a higgily-piggly, scruzing and friggling relationship between the two old allies to the jeopardy of same,  but without censorship from more level-headed country leaders.  Someone with some inborn efficiency at politics in the USA must take Obama to the woodshed and the spanking must be made known to the soft-hearted and wimpy weasels who are oft anxious to cave.

America: Reaching 240 years is now open to the gravest doubts because of one man

Lastly, Iran.

Is Iran Pulling the Wool Over Obama’s Eyes?”  Some terrifying news from one Fox News military and Middle Eastern expert, Lt. Col. Ralph Peters. On the heels of the disastrous State of the Union speech and President Obama’s insistence on playing favorites with Iran (while they continue to work to oppose us), Iran seems to be working towards building a new Persian Empire.)

“Whether it’s one of their Generals being killed on Israel’s border, or their fingerprints in Yemen, Syria or Afghanistan… Iran seems to pop up everywhere there is trouble. Yet the Obama administration seems to be deliberately missing all of the signs.”

Somehow or other, I am not inclined to go along with the Peter’s assessment of the Obama administration “deliberately missing all of the signs.”  I am more of the notion that they miss some or even all of the signs, but as natural course of their ineptness or carelessness.  I don’t see them missing the signs deliberately very often.  They are a large collection of vapidity.  They just are not sharp blades or pointy nails.  Hello Dork.

I am also of the belief that Iran, if pulling something, is completely ahead of the buffoons in this Administration.  They may eventually catch up to the Iranians, but only because of that country’s boorishness.

One thing the Obama Administration DOES deliberately is place our once mighty republic in a precarious position in relation to its longevity.  Reaching 240 years is now open to the gravest doubts because of one man.

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