Sweet Tweets on Valentine’s Day from Hopefuls Courting Voters in 2016

Just how comfortable with public displays of affection are the men and women who would be president? A look at their social media accounts today is one way to find out.

With less than 12 hours left on Valentine’s Day, though, the Democrats and Republicans thinking about setting their hearts on the White House next year aren’t exactly steaming up Twitter with sweet nothings for their sweethearts.

The early results give Vice President Joe Biden and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker the edge. Biden honored wife Jill wordlessly:


Walker, returning to Wisconsin from a trade trip to the UK, was in with three tweets celebrating his romance with wife Tonette:




However,  Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., doubtless earned props in some precincts for mischievously setting up a fun but fake Valentine’s Day-themed Pinterest account for Democratic powerhouse Hillary Rodham Clinton.


Speaking of Hillary, her husband the former president scored points by tweeting a cute video of the former first couple dancing together to “The Way You Look Tonight.”


A little more calculated was the political group Ready for Hillary’s use of a nostalgic glamour photo yesterday to seek signatures for a valentine to “Hillary and President Clinton”:


Rick Santorum, the former senator from Pennsylvania, used the valentine theme as part of a series of tweets about “Bella’s Gift,” the book he and wife Karen co-authored about their special-needs daughter (linking to a piece on the book by National Review Online’s Kathryn Jean Lopez):


Santorum later challenged other men by tweeting something more gooey about spoiling his valentine:


Pundits probably will argue for days over whether Biden’s valentine tweet to his wife in any way makes up for his participation yesterday in this Obamacare-promoting video with a Valentine’s Day hook:


No wonder some conservatives quietly admit they already miss Mitt Romney and his wife Ann, who had this exchange in the morning:


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