Obama’s coming caliphate crusade in North America

By Judi McLeod

Obama Invites Muslims to gather and pray on the West Front of the Capitol in Washington Sept./2009
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Obama Invites Muslims to gather and pray on the West Front of the Capitol in Washington Sept.

Obama has this dream.  No, not the somewhat sappy one allegedly ghost-written for him on the pages of Dreams from my Father by Billy Ayers, but one of far more frightening dimensions.

Obama’s dream is everyone else’s waking nightmare, the takeover of North America by caliphate-seeking jihadists.

Nobody’s ever going to believe it.  People who can’t allow themselves to believe that Obama doesn’t love America would never be ready to believe that Obama was brought into power for the express purpose to hand the coveted North America kingdom over to the jihadists.

North America is new ground in a new world crusade just like the one that’s been going on largely uninterrupted for centuries.

Nobody’s going to be able to prove it.  Obama’s been the quintessential Artful Dodger since coming into power.

The Fundamental Transformation of America is, in a sense, his cover.  It’s as though the expression, now a household word, demands all attention and stops right there.  It’s as if no one is bothering to find out why he wants all world attention focused on these words.

The term first passed his lips five days before his 2008 election as president.  The acts making the term a frightening reality have followed ever since.

The Fundamental Transformation of America is really the tearing apart and utter destruction of America and all for which she has stood for 239 years.

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But at the out-start, Obama could hardly say “I’m here to take down your country and hand it over to my brothers in the Islamic State.”

That would have opened the battle lines and he wanted to take us by surprise.

Almost everything Obama has done since announcing his plan has been to weaken America and get her ready for a white flag state of fatigue before the jihadists arrive.

The understandable tumult that follows his opening the borders to aliens from all countries;  the Marxist takeover of America’s world-sought health care; the deliberate fomenting of   racial discord;  the denial of Islamic terrorism, but particularly the gutting of the U.S. military,  is painstaking preparation for the coming jihadist takeover.

For more than six years now, Obama has been feeding and fattening up the golden goose so that when the right moment arrives, she won’t be able to even waddle away to safety.

The Marxist misery Obama and his minions distribute across the land, keep the chattering classes chattering.

Propagandists in the mainstream media keep up a steady stream of “Obama did this”, “Obama did that”, and “What will Obama do next?”

The key to this strategy is that all of Obama’s shock tactics and moves keep the roughly 50% of the population on to him, caught up in the controversy of the moment, not looking ahead to what he’s really up to.

Obama, you might say, is hiding in plain view.

We’re all caught up in a miasma of Friday dump mentality.  Tomorrow’s it’s hijacking the Information Highway which will be known forevermore as ‘ObamaNet’, guaranteed to be lost in ongoing debate about government shutdowns.

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We’re held back from sticking to the here and now by talking heads who throw in arguments like, “Well we’ve had other bad presidents”, “George Bush was no better”.  “There’s no difference between the Dems and the Repubs”.

Rather than the Paul Reveres of the day warning the Muslims are coming, they’re asking “Is President Obama a Muslim?”

The controversy of the day centers on the Rudy Giuliani statement on Obama, turned query and smear:  “I do not believe that the president loves America, He doesn’t love you. And he doesn’t love me. He wasn’t brought up the way you were brought up and I was brought up through love of this country.”

Only innocent little children in nursery school could plumb the depths of Obama’s supposed ‘love’ for America.

A more useful statement would have been “Obama hates America”  The kind of love raised by Rudy can only be found in fairytales, while the kind of hatred it would take to pass America into Islamic terrorist hands can be found in harsh reality.

In our desperation to nail down who Obama really is, we clamor to the superficial.

In the end run, does bowing to Saudi Arabian royalty;  ducking duty to play Spades with Reggie Love;  letting a never elected Valerie Jarrett run the show from the shadows; showing the one-finger affirmation of the Islamic faith,  matter more than what Obama intends as his end goal?

Obama is going to one day turn America over to the Islamic terrorists.

That’s CFP’s story and we’re sticking to it.

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