Mass Immigration, Obama’s Racist Roots Toward Whites

Black Liberation Theology is a cult doctrine which is not only racist, but actually advocates white genocide, destruction of American democracy and destruction of the traditional Christian church. The doctrine states that all whites are collectively guilty, white oppressors must “cease to be” and equates white society to the Antichrist, calling whites the “symbol of depravity” and the “enemy of mankind.” These are genocidal religious concepts, which mean that white society is too evil to exist. Black Liberation Theology is the doctrine of Obama’s church in Chicago, Trinity United Church of Christ, which was also Oprah Winfrey’s church for many years. Jeremiah Wright openly declared this on national television in an interview by Sean Hannity (see video).

Black Nationalism and the related Black Consciousness movement has been a major influence in the ethnic cleansing and genocidal actions of recent years against whites in South Africa and Zimbabwe. It was also influential in the ethnic riots of the election in Kenya of 2006 (see video), in which Obama took a direct, apparently illegal role at taxpayer expense as a US senator to help a Kenyan relative, Raila Odinga, gain power though violence, intimidation and mass killings of members of an opposition ethnic group.

It is ludicrous to propose that Barack Obama did not know exactly what the basic doctrine of his church is. You can buy the foundation books on Black Liberation Theology to learn for yourself what it is. Jeremiah Wright preached that doctrine every week, not just one time, and he did not teach traditional Christianity at all in that “church.”

Obama’s overarching goal of the “open borders” movement is to flood millions of non-Whites into all traditionally White nations.  Make no mistake – this is not mere coincidence.  It is White genocide by design, worldwide in application. With massive non-White immigration, the White populations of USA and Europe are slated to become minority populations in just a few generation.  Whites will then be subject to massive discrimination, genocide, we are already seeing discrimination now and it all excused as to make things “fair”.

Some say the traditionally White nations are economically advanced and therefore desirable destinations for immigration.  This observation is mostly accurate.  However, it does not explain the entire story because there are many other advanced nations that are traditionally non-White, yet face no pressure to absorb foreign populations.

Japan is one of the most highly advanced economies in the world.  It is a well-known and well-documented fact that Japan faces a grave population decline.  There are not enough young Japanese to assume the lower rungs of the workforce.  The elderly Japanese population looms on the horizon, destined to strain the retirement and pension system.  The Japanese reproductive rate is far below the replacement rate.  Over time, Japan’s population will continue its precipitous descent.  Under the orthodox globalist economic doctrine, Japan’s situation beckons for a massive influx of cheap foreign labor.  Yet somehow the international political discourse barely broaches the topic of massive non-Japanese immigration to Japan.  There is no strong international or domestic pressure (or imperious demand) for Japan to import millions of Africans or South Americans.  Japan is not singled out for genocide via massive non-Japanese immigration.  Japan is not the target.  Japan is free to remain Japanese.  It is only White nations that are targeted for genocide.

Assume for the sake of argument that in a stunning reversal, political correctness dictates that Africans are racist oppressors.  Africans disproportionately enjoy material niceties, unfairly subjugate other races, and an invisible “African privilege” pervades the air which mysteriously oppresses all other races.  In this hypothetical world, institutional racism means that Africans are predisposed to success and worldly gain from birth, as a result of the current political power relationship.  Now, follow the usual prescription for healing with plans for coercive diversity and watch the fireworks begin!

The continent of Africa can solve “the race problem” by a massive influx of non-Africans.  These non-Africans will assimilate and interbreed with Africans over time.  The end result will be a utopia of mocha-skinned beauties – society without race by homogeneous default.  Everyone will hold hands in unity, hatred will be a thing of the past, and racial oppression will no longer be an option.

A sharp mind quickly realizes the solution to “the race problem” in the African example is actually the Final Solution for Africans.  That is, the systematic eradication of the African people – African genocide.  No rational Black man will agree with such a genocidal campaign.  No reasonable Black man will stand by and cheer on the destruction of his or her fellow Africans.  No race deserves genocide.  Every race has the right to exist biologically, ethnically, and culturally.

Illegal aliens create further demographic chaos, as Americans are crowded out and out-bred by millions of illegal aliens from South America.  Despite overwhelming public desire to seal the border and to deport and deny entry to illegal aliens, the federal government has willfully ignored its mandate to protect against all threats, foreign and domestic. Legal immigrants and tens of millions of  illegal alien invaders will dispossess the  American majority in the next few decades.   Americans will soon become a minority in their own nation.

Anyone who opposes a return to traditional American immigration policies is pro- genocide.  Anyone who supports amnesty for tens of millions of illegal aliens is pro- genocide.  The current American immigration policy discriminates against Whites and is pro- genocide.  There is nothing more racist than genocide, because it is the destruction of an entire race.  If someone shouts “racist!” in a petty attempt to silence debate, explain that a real racist is someone who wants to commit genocide against the White race.


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