Obama Trolls for Help on Illegals; Courts Jeb Bush!

By John W. Lillpop

To the half a dozen or so goofy Republicans who actually savor the notion of a third Bush presidency in less than 30 years, Barack Hussein Obama delivered what one prays will be a kiss of death to the candidacy of Jeb Bush.

To wit: While engaging in wholesale lying at a Town Hall meeting in Florida on Wednesday, The One encouraged the former governor of Florida to join the Obama team in dismantling the two-party system in America by rallying on behalf of criminals in the nation illegally.

As reported, in part, at the reference:

“President Barack Obama on Wednesday in Miami urged former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush to intercede with Republican House Speaker John Boehner to move forward with immigration reform.

During his visit to Florida, the president said he appreciates the “concern” about immigration of Jeb Bush, a possible Republican presidential candidate in 2016, but he immediately went on to urge him to “talk” with Boehner and other Republican lawmakers about approving a law that alleviates the immigration situation of millions of undocumented foreigners living in this country.”

Jeb Bush apparently shares Barack Obama’s racist view that Hispanics should be exempt from the rule of law when it comes to immigration! Which is why Obama is soliciting help from an alleged Republican!

Jeb Bush and Barack Obama joined at the hip on illegal immigration?

That ought to seal Jeb’s fate in the polls with REAL Republicans and might force him to do America a huge favor by exiting from the 2016 presidential sweep stakes.

Furthermore, there is an easy, practical and constitutional way to “alleviate the immigration status” of those here illegally, and it requires no legislative action of any sort, except the complete revocation of Barack Obama’s unconstitutional, unlawful intervention in matters constitutionally reserved for Congress.

Here is what Jeb Bush should say to Republicans in Congress:

American sovereignty, the rule of law, and the integrity of the US Constitution have been assaulted by Barack Obama who advocates on behalf of illegal aliens for the primary purpose of ending the two-party system in America!

Obama’s Executive Orders are an affront to anyone who believes in the rule of law, and must be struck down in total!

We have a path to citizenship in place. It’s called legal immigration and it applies to all who wish to come to America, including Hispanics and Latinos who must stand in line and wait their turn as the law requires.

Therefore, my fellow Republicans I urge you to demand that Barack Obama immediately begin the process of deporting the millions of parasites living here illegally and secure the borders with military force if needed to keep more want to-be invaders from coming.

Now THAT would be a patriotic, thoughtful and compassionate message—which is why Jeb Bush will never say it!

Reference: http://oneoldvet.com/?p=72068

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