Hail to the Narcissistic King Obama

(Conservativepapers.com) The narcissistic boy king has just declared himself dictator and the constitution void.  Obama getting bolder and bolder each month, continually exceeding his authority and breaking the law, yet nobody does a thing. 

The bold Obama is now daring Republicans to vote on whether or not his executive actions are legal.

Discussing opposition to his executive amnesty orders at an immigration town hall Wednesday, Obama said he would veto the vote because his actions are “the right thing to do”:

“So in the short term, if Mr. McConnell, the leader of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House, John Boehner, want to have a vote on whether what I’m doing is legal or not, they can have that vote.  I will veto that vote, because Obama the narcissists is confident that what he is doing is the right thing to do.” Lenin also though he was doing the right thing, so to Stalin and Mussolini,  that why we are suppose to have three equal branches of government not one!

If this was a Republican President doing and saying what Obama is, he or she would be impeached, prosecuted, convicted and placed in Gitmo for treason. The media would have 24 hour news coverage on the event calling for their arrest.

Obama claimed that he has merely “expanded my authorities” – not broken any laws:

“What we’ve done is we’ve expanded my authorities under executive action and prosecutorial discretion as far as we can legally under the existing statute, the existing law.

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Clearly Barack Hussein Obama is intent on destroying our Constitution and our Republic. If Americans continue on their current path they will soon surpass even the corruption driven misery experienced by the people of Ecuador.

The United States was formed because a group of European colonist and their descendants realized that people thrive when they have liberty. They do not do well when oppressed by the government or any other type of rulers like they were in Europe. Many people are not educated in those concepts of liberty laid down by our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Protecting the borders of a country that holds a particular view of the world keeps the principals of liberty that formed it strong. Diluting the population with third world socialist looking for handouts has destroyed the United States as we know it.

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