The WHY of Obama

By Dave Macy  

The president is not a stupid man. He may be cunning, devious, easily given to retribution, a monstrous ideologue, an Islamic terrorist denier, and a socialist at heart. But he is not stupid.

On the other hand he is not that smart. His actions betray his intellect. What he does with executive orders and lawless edicts and vetoes shows that he is more of an accomplice than a leader.

In his measured and reluctant “fight” against ISIS, Obama shows his deference to Islam. By setting aside millions of acres of prime Alaska land, land with great natural resources that America could use to grow jobs and create energy independence, the president gifts the rabid environmentalists.

Every action taken that chips away at America’s greatness has a reason. And Obama, as much as he dislikes this country, isn’t smart enough to compile the growing list of “payback” he is heaping on the United States.

Which leads to the question, “Who really benefits from what Obama does?”

  1. When the Keystone XL pipeline was already vetoed before even reaching the Oval office, one of Obama’s cheerleaders was Warren Buffet. The oracle of Omaha benefits by not having a pipeline and transporting oil instead in his tanker cars on his railroad. Payback! Buffet’s money and influence worked its way into the decision.
  2. Illegal immigration. Everyone knows the reason behind the Obama orders. Create millions of instant Democrat voters—and then give them unearned “tax” money—-billions of dollars, the giveaway which will be fraught with corruption. Why now and not in his first term? By waiting until now Obama secured a second term and, knowing that Congress would not impeach, sees this as his legacy. He created the crisis and now tries to benefit from its resolution. But Obama doesn’t care about illegals in a humanistic and compassionate manner. Those who advise him within the Democrat party benefit the most. Payback.
  3. The decimation of the US Military. The commander in chief’s gutting of many military leaders as well as his surrender in Iraq and Afghanistan is more proof of his desire to placate Islamic countries—and to box in and marginalize Israel. Why now? Who is benefiting from a weakened military? Two possibilities. One is removing opposition that might possibly stage a coup. But the other reason has to do with his advisors both in the White House and without—who see Israel as a deterrent to a stable Middle East. And it fulfills the vision of many on the Left who “loathe” the military. Payback.
  4. More debt—and more taxation, and Obamacare? If indeed Obama see America on par with European nations, then it cannot remain economically strong and vibrant. It cannot have the great freedom to create substantive jobs through manufacturing, energy creation, and exportation. In short, a weak America is payback for what his close advisors see as US imperialism—but beyond that it’s the creation of an even larger and more dependent class of citizens beholding to an ever growing federal government. And a federal government that resembles ‘The Blob’, swallowing up state’s rights and individual freedoms (see ammo ban), leads to what we currently have in Washington. If Obamacare is not dismantled by the Supreme Court, then we will have gifted the federal government one sixth of the US economy. Tyranny!
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You can compile your own list and follow the power and the money to see who, aside from Obama, benefits from actions that Obama is not smart enough to have conceived on his own.

When half the country is dumbed down with social media, amusement, entertainment, sports, and a growing expectation of government handouts, America has one foot in the declining empire grave. But the other half that will not sit idly by and watch the destruction has not given up yet.

In spite of weak leaders in “majority” parties, and in spite of their desire to use the threat of impeachment, many Americans are preparing for a major confrontation. “Conservative” state governments are fighting back. This may be our last hurrah.

The first civil war was truly about state’s rights. The next one will be also!


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