BLACK LIES MATTER: Hands Up; Don’t Think!

By Andrew G. Benjamin

And political lies that hurt and divide the nation matter even more.

Western, English and Common Law are based in principles enacted into Mosaic Code. The code proscribes punishment for lying, deemed not just a sin in the sense of moral precept. Rather, it is the violation of civility with real consequences. Punishment represents justice; not to punish represents no justice.

In the religious realm it is said that lying demeans The Creator, mankind and nature too—and the consequence, punishment, is presumably meted out in the “next world.” We might agree that not everyone follows the tenets of religions. It is their right under law and it is where religion hands off to civil law.

The freedoms incorporated into America’s Constitution are universal human rights. As the Ten Commandments limit man’s behavior, the constitution limits government’s. Factually there are no rights written for or accruing to government. There are no privileges, no licenses, and no liberties. Government is merely authorized by The People to govern; an authorization that can be revoked at will by the people. Government however cannot rescind rights to individuals because government does not convey rights in the first place. In short, religious law limits man’s behavior; constitutional law, government’s. The two are tied in the sense that both government and the people have a converse agreement to the procurement and enjoyment of rights and authority. Government has the responsibility to defend the people and the nation, and government is made up of people. Accordingly, the people have the responsibility to defend the nation! We segue into current events in the news:  if the government failed to protect the people and the nation and its constitution, The People’s responsibility to defend them all has not been vacated. The People continue to have the responsibility to defend the nation, the constitution, and each other. That fact is primarily why Second Amendment rights cannot be infringed by government.

People partake from the benefits society provides. They have a proportionate counter to their partaking: a responsibility to maintain benefits for others. That is why you have the ideal of a militia of non-uniformed citizen army not under government license, pay, or supervision.

Rights cannot be maintained, assured or enforced without their inherent mirror component, “responsibility,” being committed by and to the social contract. The universalism incorporated into Mosaic Code literally codifies responsibility first, ahead of rights. Thou Shall Not Bear False Witness is not a right, it is a responsibility.

The sequence incorporated in the Bill of Rights are in intelligent order, but not necessarily under common, or Mosaic notions, concerning the Rights to Property. The rights to property subsume all other rights: to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness—all of these are property. You own your own life and the rights to your own property. The right to self defense can exist only if the MEANS to self defense exists—the means to is subsumed within self-defense rights. Without having the means to buy firearms, self defense becomes impossible, as it and all other rights are rendered meaningless because rights are only real if they can be exercised. To insure them is the responsibility of government.

The right to firearms is among the Rights to Property. The right to assembly and the right to petition government to have grievances addressed crosses into the right to life, which presupposes one’s having the ability to live life free from being imprisoned for crimes that never happened. Imprisonment being a probability when social norms break down, when justice fails, when the bearing of false witness is permissible, and punishment for criminality is not a certainty. When someone can be indicted, tried, and imprisoned for a crime not of his making based on perjury, not punishing such a crime is immoral, surrenders deterrence, and permits criminality to continue.

Criminality has perpetrators and victims and the punishment of perpetrators is called Justice.

The African-American leaders and black and white perpetrators of BLACK LIVES MATTER and Hands Up; Don’t Shoot have repeatedly and regularly borne false witness from the get-go, by lying themselves and by abetting and confirming the lying of participants, proving that morally, ethically, culturally, civilly and unlawfully, they have violated the rights of innocent people while partaking of the rights and privileges society gave them. Ironically, they are the same people who were willingly defended by the people whose rights their lying had violated. The consequences of their lying are dead and battered human beings, dead cops in New York, burned-down businesses, rampant robberies, as well as huge property damage.

Black Lives Matter—and so do Black Perpetrators who need to be punished.

Hands Up, Don’t Shoot never happened.

It is a fabricated narrative, a bald-faced lie, a prevarication, collusion, conspiracy, and the willful creation of fairy tales foisted on civil society by a gaggle of self-serving greedy lowlifes who are malevolent, cynical, and immoral. They are a group of bad actors who belong in exactly the same cell in which they colluded to imprison the many good men they had slandered. These criminals and fakers include Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, the Congressional Black Caucus, Michael deBlasio, Eric Holder, a gaggle of pro football players and white leftwing nuts, the chiefs at MSNBC, and hardly surprisingly, Barack Obama who divided this nation according to sex, race, religion, and politics.

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