Senate Letter to Iran “Right Thing to Do” Because Jewish Lives Matter!

By John W. Lillpop

Barack Obama, in his insidious and unlawful quest to “fundamentally transform” America, has introduced a new, controversial means test for judging and justifying presidential behavior.

Rather than relying on antiquated, “old school” judgments based on Constitutionality, adherence to established rule of law, or even highly- arbitrary “common sense” measures, Barack Obama has unilaterally imposed the “Right Thing to Do” standard to determine what actions the president can and should take to address important issues.

Unfortunately, the Obama solution is a self-serving Catch 22 act of tyrannical larceny where the only opinion that matters is that of the president, who thus becomes the judge, jury, and executioner rolled into one dysfunctional manifestation of dictatorial abuse.

Contrary opinions, both public and official, are dismissed as unworthy of consideration, much less serious debate.

Does Obama, allegedly an accomplished Constitutional scholar, really believe that his exclusive “Right Thing to Do” judgment trumps the Constitution and the specific powers granted therein to the legislative and judiciary branches of government?

Only such muddled thinking, whether incidental or deliberate, could cause one to conclude that supplanting immigration law with the issuance of Executive Orders, in defiance of Congress and public opinion, is an appropriate, non-impeachable exercise of presidential power!

And only an egomaniacal, power-mad, narcissistic Lame Duck looking to destroy America and its people would engage in such foolish defiance.

In contrast, the Cotton letter signed by 47 US Senators to advise Iranian mullahs that any nuclear deal that Obama might execute would not, as a matter of law, obligate the United States to any policy or action without approval of the US Senate!

The Cotton letter is otherwise rich in justification:

( )It is based on the humane need to protect a sovereign nation (and six million residents) from an enemy that has repeatedly sworn to flush Israel into the Mediterranean;

( )It takes into account the dire circumstances that would surely ensue should the world’s most prominent sponsor of terrorism be allowed to develop nuclear weapons;

( )It properly reflects the US Constitutional balance of powers between the Executive and legislative branches;

Contrary to liberal talk, the Cotton letter does not involve Congress in delicate negotiations—it merely advises the Mullahs of the fact that according to the US Constitution, the President of the United States is severely limited in his ability to execute foreign agreements without Congressional approval.

And so it is that the Cotton letter to the terrorist regime of Iran is constitutional, perfectly legal, and steeped in a rich abundance of common sense of the type not often found at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue over these past six plus years.

As an added bonus, the Cotton missive is the “Right Thing to Do”?

Bravo to Senator Cotton and the 46 colleagues who put law and order above tyranny and political gamesmanship!

After all, Jewish lives matter!

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