Obama Beating The Drums of War

George W. Bush’s national security adviser, Condi Rice, warned Americans that Saddam Hussein’s weapons of mass destruction could result in a mushroom cloud going up over an American city. Yet today a very real threat exists over all American cities. In in October 1962 the United States and the Soviet Union were at the brink of war over Soviet ballistic missiles deployed in Cuba. It played out on television worldwide and was the closest the Cold War came to escalating into a full-scale nuclear war.

John F.Kennedy could not allow Soviet missiles 90 miles ff the Florida coast and was willing to go to war over them. Then Soviet President Khrushchev realized his mistake and eventually pulled the missiles.   Today we have the very same conflict except in reverse order.  Washington broke the Reagan-Gorbachev agreements and expanded NATO into former constituent parts of the Soviet Empire and now intends to bring former constituent parts of Russia herself–Georgia and Ukraine–into NATO. Washington withdrew from the treaty that banned anti-ballistic missiles and has established anti-ballistic missile bases on Russia’s frontier, today just hundreds of miles from Moscow. Washington changed its nuclear war doctrine to permit nuclear first strike.

The leftist media and Obama’s propaganda and demonization of Russia and its leadership.

Wolf Blitzer (CNN, March 13) used the cover of a news program to broadcast a propaganda performance straight out of the Third Reich or perhaps from George Orwell’s 1984. The orchestration presented Russia as a massive, aggressive military threat. The screen was filled with missiles firing and an assortment of American General Strangeloves urging provocative measures to be deployed against the Russian Threat. Blitzer’s program is part of the orchestrated propaganda campaign whose purpose is to prepare Americans for conflict with Russia.

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It was such irresponsible propaganda and so many blatant lies for a media organization to sponsor that it was obvious that CNN and Wolf Blitzer had no fear of being called on the carpet for spreading war fever. The so-called “mainstream media” has been transformed into a Ministry of Propaganda.

The Obama warmongers are driving us to war with Russia, which means also with China. Its a very dangerous path, and the media is going along with it hook line and sinker.

Clearly, the threat to the United States and the entire world resides in Washington in Obama’s hands and not in Moscow. The threat is the crazed neoconservative ideology of US world hegemony, mush like the USSR tried to spread communism in the 1960’s.

Putin understands the seriousness of the situation and is working hard to diffuse it, but Obama has made it impossible to diffuse. Obama’s price is that Putin must hand over Crimea and the Russian Black Sea naval base, abandon the Russian populations in southern and eastern Ukraine, and accept NATO military bases in Ukraine.

Obama’s demand is a demand for Russia’s pre-emptive surrender.

In the CNN propaganda show, Wolf Blitzer failed to report that German intelligence challenges Washington’s claims about Russia and that the French and German governments have finally realized that Washington is insane and are working desperately to stop Washington’s drive toward war.

The Western media attacks on the Sochi Olympics are part of the ridiculing and demonizing of Putin and Russia. Washington is determined that Putin and Russia will not be permitted any appearance of success in any area, whether diplomacy, sports, or human rights.

The American media is a Ministry of Propaganda for the government and the corporations and helps Washington paint Russia in bad colors. Stephen F. Cohen accurately describes US media coverage of Russia as a “tsunami of shamefully unprofessional and politically inflammatory articles.”http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article37635.htm

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As a holdover from the Cold War, the US media retains the image of a free press that can be trusted. In truth, there is no free press in America (except for Internet sites). See for example: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2014/02/12/us-press-freedom-index-2014_n_4773101.html During the later years of the Clinton regime, the US government permitted 5 large conglomerates to concentrate the varied, dispersed and somewhat independent media.The value of these large mega-companies depends on their federal broadcast licenses.Therefore, the media dares not go against the government on any important issue. In addition, the media conglomerates are no longer run by journalists but by corporate advertising executives and former government officials, with an eye not on facts but on advertising revenues and access to government “sources.

Washington and its UK puppet have spent the entirety of the 21st century creating death and destruction. Seven countries have been invaded, bombed, or droned in order “to spread democracy.” Iraq is destroyed, as is Afghanistan, Libya and Somalia . Syria nearly so, and Pakistan and Yemen are politically and socially destabilized by incessant US air attacks. The democratic, elected, governments of Honduras and Ukraine have been overthrown by

US coups. Venezuela is next in line, with Bolivia, Ecuador, Argentina and Brazil waiting their turn.

Washington has given the world 14 years of brutal and inhumane war. Isn’t this enough evil? Does Washington have to give us more?

Washington and the presstitutes have lost their humanity. They have become agents of evil. If mushroom clouds appear, the responsibility will lie with Wolf Blitzer, CNN, and the presstitutes who beat the drums of war.

The West was deaf. Mike Whitney reminds us that to ignore firm warnings is to cultivate disaster.http://www.counterpunch.org/2015/03/06/how-putin-blocked-the-u-s-pivot-to-asia/

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The Ruling elite in UK/US wants to provoke Russian into WW3, in part to shift blame of the impending slow-motion collapse of its financial economic system. ( The collapse could be sudden if the unregulated financial derivative market crashes.)
70% of US economy is consumer spending: spending on goods and services. The former is quite straightforward. The latter includes medical spending, legal spending, financial services, tax services etc. That is probably why 50% marriage end up in divorce; the federal tax code has hundreds of thousands of pages; the colonoscopy, among numerous other medical services, is recommended every two years; there are various saving account schemes to encourage savers to invest in stock markets , etc…
The high cost of Universal Healthcare program plus making tens of millions of undocumented immigrants eligible for generous federal and state social welfare programs helped a lot to boost GDP growth in the short-term. ( I have to envy the Elites’ great ability in piece-meal growth engineering. But I wonder what is in the pipeline after all the tricks are running out.)
According to FT report today that Germany has issued five-year bond with negative interest. People tend to forget that the foundation of the modern finance is built on the “time value of the money” and capital being a scarce resource. The negative interest rate indicates the beginning of the unraveling of the modern financial economic system. Such trend, if protracted, will lead to profound social changes.
So they are just waiting for Russia to have the first shot. If not, then false flag operation might be perpetrated to crash the stock market and start the WW3. Right now we are in the “Cuban Missile Crisis”, stand down Mr Obama!


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