Obama “Magic” Now a Curse!

By John W. Lillpop

Way back in the dark and gloom of 2008, Barack Hussein Obama was seen by some as a magical figure in possession of such charisma and magnetism as to be nearly invincible.

Some, including presumably learned folks in the media, even believed that the underachieving Marxist from the streets of Chicago was a special messenger from deity, sent from above with messianic powers so as to eradicate poverty, income inequality, racial discord, and other maladies afflicting the poor and lower classes.

He could bless the masses with Hope and Change by just the grace of his words, so powerful was his influence and message.

Back then, Barack Obama could do no wrong. He was even awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for simply moving into the White House and assuming the mantel of power in the Oval Office.

Back then, Barack Obama was seen by Democrats and the mainstream media as The One who would, on the strength of his personage alone, vanquish the evils of racism and capitalism; thereby creating a Utopian fairyland where equality and diversity trumped privilege and profit, excepting the Obama family, the Clintons, and other deserving Democrats among the ruling elite.

Back then, being endorsed by The One guaranteed special attention and status for those so blessed.

Along the way, Obama’s charisma and magic touch deteriorated into a dreaded curse that now inflicts serious harm on those selected for receipt of his favors.

This reversal of fortunes was most pronounced in the 2014 mid-term elections when Obama single-handedly turned the Democrat majority in the US Senate into a minority.

Thanks to Obama, both chambers of Congress are now firmly in the hands of The One’s most vociferous enemies!

Even more deterioration of the Obama Magic followed when Bibi Netanyahu and his right-wing conservative party staged a miraculous comeback in the Israel elections on March 17.

Despite Obama’s stand against Bibi and deliberate funneling of money and political consultants to Bibi’s opponents, and “against all odds,” Bibi won the day!

Which means that Barack Obama’s “magic” is now officially recognized as a Curse!

How sweet it is!

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