Creation of Bosnian Muslim State Led to Ethnic Cleansing of 440,000 Catholics


Destroyed Serbian Orthodox church near Preševo, Serbia

Destroyed Serbian Orthodox church near Preševo, Serbia.

In the late 90s the trendy thing to do was to agonize over the fate of Bosnian Muslims and all the terrible horrors that the PoorMuslims (TM) were experiencing in Sarajevo. Ethnic cleansing was the word of the day and the Serbs were the new villains of the hour.

Steven Spielberg even managed to make the ultimate liberal thriller, The Peacemaker, starring  George Clooney racing against the clock to stop a Serb terrorist from launching a nuclear attack on New York City. (This proved to be a very timely film to make in 1997. Four years before Muslim terrorists (Shhh they don’t exist) launched a real attack against New York)

NATO carved out a Bosnian Muslim state by bombing a bunch of Serbian Christians, civilians and non-civilians, Billy Clinton didn’t really care. And ethnic cleansing became an actual thing… just not ethnic cleansing of Muslims. Mohammed’s last command to his followers was to drive the Jews and Christians out of Arabia. And as Muslims have expanded their reach, they have religiously been keeping their unholy prophet’s command.

Christians are massively leaving post-war Bosnia-Herzegovina amid mounting discrimination and Islamization, according to a new report released Friday, October 12.

There are just 440,000 Catholics left in the Balkan nation, half the prewar figure, the group said.

Puljic reportedly complained that while dozens of mosques were build in the Bosnian capital Sarajevo, no building permissions were given for Christian churches.

“The cardinal already waits 13 years on permission to build just a small church,” Church in Need said.  Authorities so far refused to return hundreds of nationalized church buildings, despite a ruling by the European Court of Human Rights to do so, according to Christian officials.

But that is what you get when you create another “moderate” Muslim state. Muslims may demand the right to build mega-mosques in London, Tennessee and right next to Ground Zero, but they don’t reciprocate. Islam has no notion of human rights… only Muslim rights.  Or rather the rights of Muslim men over all sorts of inferior types like women and non-Muslims. Create a Muslim state and you get discrimination against non-Muslims. It’s how the religion works.

In published remarks, Van Rompuy made clear that giving Bosnia-Herzegovina a “European perspective”, the code word for eventual European Union membership, “is the only way to overcome the crisis”.

How has the European perspective worked out for the millions of Muslims in France, Germany and the UK?

Are Muslims getting a European Perspective or are Europeans getting a Muslim Perspective?


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  1. While Clinton the wife toppled Qaddafi and threw Libya to the wolves of Islam created by Father Bush and Little Bush, Clinton the husband bombed Belgrade for 84 days to give Islam its first ethnically cleansed enclave in Europe after 1489. But certain gentlemen in Red Skull Caps and long out of frayed Police Caps claim that Catholic nuns raped in March 2015 Bengal by Moslems after the fashion of Pakistani Razakars in 1947 Kashmir have been raped by the forces of Hindutva led by Mr. Narendra Modi! Obama left a departing shot across India’s bows in January 2015 with a finger wagging about “religious freedom”. Is the US Dirty tricks department, known euphemistically as the “CIA” planning a regime change in India as they did in Iraq, Libya, Ukraine and are attempting in Syria to enforce the Saudi-US version of “religious freedom” that can be seen every day in US protege Pakistan where, as a matter of routine, Temples and Churches are destroyed and Nuns and Hindu women raped as per the command of the Chief Religious Head of Saudi Arabia? With, it would now seem, the silent approval of the pedophile fomenting Gentlemen in Red and Purple skull caps as well as the Heads of Western Governments who declare ISIS (i.e. one of myriad “Al Qaeda” trained regiments of Islam’s Students or Taliban) to be a religion of peace?

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  2. The picture you have was from Prizren, in Kosovo. It is from the March 2004 “pogroms” where buses of Albanians came to the Serbian enclaves to burn and riot and where the UN soldiers all step aside or observed. The UN did offer or try to get Serbs to leave beforehand but wouldn’t do anything if they wanted to stay.

    I think it was well-arranged by the international community and Albanians to ethnically cleanse more Serbs in key areas.

    As for the Catholics in Bosnia – they teamed up with the Muslims to kill and cleanse Serbs but then fell-out with each other for various reasons.

    They fought intensely for around 16 months (with sporadic fighting and “incidents” happening before that) – until the west forced them together in a peace deal, as the western powers wanted them to unite and attack Serbs.

    Even though the Serbs had helped Croat soldiers, surrounded by Muslims and very imperiled, leave (and with their weapons) through their lines, nonetheless the Croats went after Serbs again with gusto after reunited with the Muslims.

    The Croats made their bed with the Muslims in the “Muslim-Croat Federation” of BiH.

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