McCain: Obama Needs to ‘Get Over’ His ‘Temper Tantrum’ About Netanyahu’s Reelection

This morning on CNN’s State of the Union, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., blasted the president’s priorities when it comes to U.S.-Israeli relations.

McCain said that Israel had a “free and fair” democratic election, is “the only nation in the region that will have such a thing,” and that if President Obama doesn’t like the results, he needs to “get over it.”

“Get over your temper tantrum, Mr. President,” McCain said. “It’s time that we work together with our Israeli friends and try to stem this tide of ISIS and Iranian movement throughout the region which is threatening the very fabric of the region. The least of your problems is what Bibi Netanyahu said during a reelection campaign.”

The relationship between Obama and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been called into question in recent weeks. Netanyahu’s March 3 speech to a joint session of Congress was criticized by the president, and critics of the administration’s nuclear negotiation with Iran say that the deal could leave Israel unprotected from nuclear threats by the Iranian regime.

After his reelection, Netanyahu retweeted messages of congratulations from world leaders:

The United States was represented on Netanyahu’s timeline by Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, and House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio.

The Obama administration wasn’t quick to congratulate Netanyahu.

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In an interview with the Huffington Post, Obama said that during a phone call to congratulate Netanyahu two days after his reelection, he said he doubted Netanyahu’s sincerity in a two-state solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

“We take him at his word when he said that it wouldn’t happen during his prime ministership, and so that’s why we’ve got to evaluate what other options are available to make sure that we don’t see a chaotic situation in the region,” said Obama.

According to Reuters, Netanyahu said prior to his reelection that there wouldn’t be a Palestinian state under the current circumstances.

This morning on Meet the Press, Israeli ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer said that Netanyahu’s remarks about Palestinian statehood were being mischaracterized.

“He didn’t say what the president and others seem to suggest that he’s saying,” Dermer said. “And he was very clear about it in his interview with Andrea Mitchell. He didn’t change his position. He didn’t run around giving interviews saying he’s now against the Palestinian state.”

“Israel is in favor of a Palestinian state that would end the conflict with Israel,” Dermer added. “We’re not in favor of a Palestinian state that will continue to wage war against Israel.”

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  1. While Clinton the wife toppled Qaddafi and threw Libya to the wolves of Islam created by Bush the father, Bush the Son and Blair the Holy Ghost, , Clinton the husband bombed Belgrade for 84 days to give Islam its first ethnically cleansed enclave in Europe after 1489.
    My reading of the unfolding scenario is quite alarmingt. A good place to start is Ukraine. “Why Ukraine?” and “Why Now?” hangs in the air. In the absence of anything more plausible, this was my explanation at that time that still stands and is further corroborated by the US’ MH-17 false flag operation and the oil price war. The vantage point of entry is not Obama’s Foreign and Military Policy vacuity. This is merely another dot in the long standing vacuity of the White Hice. It has to do with the agenda of the pay masters who decide US foreign and military policy since Sheikh Yamani renegotiated the Oil Pricing mechanism. Ukraine (and Syria) were chosen by Saudi Arabia as the next Iraq. In the Iraq prototype, the Saudi Caliphate had successfully deflected the 9/11 anger away from its nuclear bomb and terrorism wielding sword arm, Pakistan, and itself, to topple a modern regime where state of the art medical and educational facilities, discos, bars and high living standards as well communities of Jews, Christians, Yazidis and others thrived in an affront to Islam. This also got the US (and its NATO poodles) weakened by draining away more than 5,000 soldiers and Three Trillion Dollars. The timing came up with Putin’s open letter to Obama in the New York Times about Syria which obstructed the Grand Saudi Design (which is to carry out the commands of its “prophet” and establish a global caliphate enforcing ISIS style Sharia on the rubble of civilization). It also bent Obama’s nose by exposing White Hice vacuity. Bandar of Saudi intelligence then went to Moscow to try and induce Putin to reconsider his support for Syria and opposition to the Islamic grand design. Putin sent him packing with a warning: That Russia would bomb the Q’aaba if Islam tried another Beslan at Sochi. There was, here, betwixt the US and Saudi Arabia, a congruence of bent noses motivated to harness the always dormant US predilection to fall prey to its own Mc Carthy-Hoover-Boston Witch Hunt proclivity driven propaganda. Russia bad, West good. Islam Bad but Turkey, Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait and Pakistan are good Islam. While Clinton the husband bombed Belgrade for 84 days to give Islam its first ethnically cleansed Moslem Emirate in Europe after 1489, Clinton the wife toppled Qadaffi to hand Libya over to the wolves of Islam. Imagine, if you can, the dividend for Islam if the US falls further upon its own sword than it did in Iraq? Saudi ambitions are now bent on further deflecting the rising wide spread anger against Islam to Iran from itself. Several retired Four Star Generals and Admirals have followed in Colin Powell’s foot-steps and testified before recent (within the last two months) Senate hearings that Iran is the danger and that Iran is the reason and source of ISIS as well as that ghost of a long defunct US-Pakistan Staff College of Guerrilla Warfare, that still haunts US propaganda, “Al Qaeda”. The Saudis may still get away with “Iran Bad, Saudi (aka ISIS, Boko Haram, Al Shebab, Taliban, Mosques, Madrassas, Pakistan et all) Good”, because US policy is driven by decision and opinion makers, as well as media, on Petro Dollar Pay Rolls, and the momentum of “Four legs good, two legs bad” built up in the psyche of the US Polyphemes is strong and easy to stoke. Partiularly as a war on Iran would continue to retain control over the oil price mechanism in the nads of US opinion and decision makers in the interests of the Tent of Saud. Even more than liberal modern regimes like the Baathists (Sadam Hussein and Bashaar Al Assad), Saudi Wahabi Islam is ideologically committed to eradicate “apostates” such as Iran (Shia), Jews and Christians, in this order. If the US, after throwing Syria to the wolves of Saudi-Wahabi Islam, and recommencing the Cold War with Russia, now bogs down in Iran, Saudi Arabia would have advanced their “prophet’s’ agenda to near completion. As a strategist, I must admire Saudi Arabia for how they used their wealth to buy and use their ideological enemy (The US, NATO and Israel) against themselves.

  2. S. Suchindranath Aiyer
    March 22, 2015 at 10:24 pm

    While Clinton the wife toppled Qaddafi and threw Libya to the wolves of Islam created by Bush the father, Bush the Son and Blair the Holy Ghost, , Clinton the husband bombed Belgrade for 84 days to give Islam its first ethnically cleansed enclave in Europe after 1489.


    Dear Suchindranath

    I agree with your observation. Husband and wife Clintons organized and promoted the US-led NATO bombing of Serbia and Serbs to allow Muslims to seize and occupy Kosovo, the religious heart and soul of Orthodox Serbian Christians. Several centuries-old Orthodox Serbian Christian churches and monasteries dating back to the 11th century A.D., were taken away from Christian Serbs, and passed on to Muslim Albanians to desecrate and demolish. I was a visiting Fulbright professor at Belgrade University when the U.S. bombed Serbia, a hard fought ally of the West in bWorld War I & II.

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