Obama installing Islam leaders while Michelle and Susan Rice provide cover?

Obama was working to replace foreign Christian leaders with fully-fledged Caliphate-seeking Islamists
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By Judi McLeod 

The full-scale social engineering of President Barack Hussein Obama in the elections of countries where he has no business being seeks to install radical Islamists to power.

Even though it’s s a provable deadly blueprint that’s putting the West at great risk, no one is calling him on it.

Obama’s been on the trail of replacing Christian leaders with Islamic ones before he became president, starting with Kenya where he actively campaigned to elect Islamic defender Raila Odinga in 2007.

Obama got away with it because following a violentpost-electoral crisis, Odinga took office as Prime Minister in April 2008,serving as supervisor and coordinator of a national unity coalition government. He came in second in Kenya’s 2013 presidential elections after garnering 5,340,546 votes which represented 43.28% of the total votes cast.

Millions revolted in Egypt when Obama’s so called Arab Spring led to the election of Muslim Brotherhood big gun Mohamed Morsi, and the subsequent election of Abdel Fattah el-Sisi has been the largest setback, next to Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s landslide victory to date.

No one paid Obama and his Marxist minions any attention when they backed Aassane Quattara against Christian challenger Laurent Gbagbo in the Ivory Coast election back in 2011. Obama congratulated Quattara on his election “victory” even though his troops slaughtered 1,000 Christians in a post-election bloodbath, warning Gbagbo to give up power.

Now it’s been revealed that Obama is obstructing the battle against Boko Haram to promote David Axelrod’s Nigerian Muslim client, retired Gen. Muhammad Buhair in tomorrow’s Nigerian election. ( James Simpson, AIM, March 24, 2015)

“The Nigerian presidential election is coming up Saturday, March 28, 2015. AKPD, the political consulting group founded by Obama confidante David Axelrod, is assisting Retired Gen. Muhammad Buhari, a Muslim presidential candidate from Muslim-dominated northern Nigeria, where Boko Haram was spawned and wields the most influence. Buhari is well-known throughout the country, having led as “Head-of-State” following a military coup in 1983. He was dislodged following another coup in 1985. (James Simpson, Accuracy in Media, March 24, 2015)

“Democracy is a recent phenomenon in Nigeria. With the exception of two short periods from its independence in 1960 to 1966, and the second republic from 1979 to 1983, the country was ruled by a string of military dictatorships between 1966 and 1999.

“Under the All Progressives Congress (APC) banner, Buhari is putting up a stiff challenge to the sitting president, Dr. Ebele Goodluck Jonathan who hails from Nigeria’s Christian south. Buhari was also the North’s presidential candidate in the last election held in 2011.”

Like Laurent Gbagbo in the western Ivory Coast, Goodluck Jonathan happens to be Christian.

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“Axelrod is credited as the force behind President Obama’s election victories in 2008 and 2012. He served as Obama’s Senior Advisor until 2011. A well-placed Nigerian interviewed for this report who asked to remain unidentified says that influential Nigerians within and outside the government believe Obama deliberately undermined the war effort and sabotaged the Nigerian economy to make President Jonathan appear weak and ineffectual, and thus bolster the electoral prospects for AKPD’s client, Buhari. (Simpson)

There is no doubt that Obama’s Arab Spring is heading humanity toward nuclear winter.

Western experts should be taking a look at how Obama gets away with it.

It’s the cunning cabal who do his dirty work providing cover for him by slick diversions.

Simpson touches on the diversionary tactics of prime cabal member Michelle Obama:

“When the notorious Islamic terrorist group, Boko Haram, kidnapped 278 school girls from the town of Chibok in northeastern Nigeria last year, Michelle Obama began a Twitter hashtag campaign, #BringBackOurGirls. But behind the scenes, the Obama administration was undermining Nigeria’s efforts to take the battle to the terrorists. Obama refused to sell Nigeria arms and supplies critical to the fight, and stepped in to block other Western allies from doing so. The administration also denied Nigeria intelligence on Boko Haram from drones operating in the area. While Boko Haram was kidnapping school girls, the U.S.cut petroleum purchases from Nigeria to zero, plunging the nation’s economy into turmoil and raising concerns about its ability to fund its battle against the terrorists. Nigeria responded by cancelling a military training agreement between the two countries.

“The prominent daily Nigerian Tribune cites an activist group, Move on Nigeria,complaining that the U.S. is fueling tension in Nigeria and has “continued to publicly magnify every challenge of the Nigerian government.”

“An anti-Buhari Nigerian blogger writing in the Western Post went further:

“In the last year, Nigeria sought aid from the White House for many initiatives, including the fight against Boko Haram.

“The Obama administration refused to do anything but play [sic] lip service to Nigeria’s

requests. However, it used public and private channels to internationally magnify every failure Nigeria’s government experienced.

“In the last year, since the involvement of Axelrod’s firm, relations between the two nations have significantly deteriorated, with the US refusing to sell arms to Nigeria, a significant reduction in the purchase of Nigeria’s oil, and the cancellation of a military training agreement between Nigeria and the USA.

“In turn, the Buhari-led Nigerian opposition used the U.S. government’s position as validation for their claim that the Nigerian government was a failure.

“Nigerian officials seeking to purchase weapons, especially Cobra attack helicopters, were outraged at Obama’s refusal to allow these transactions. Nigeria’s ambassador to the U.S., Professor Adebowale Adefuye, stated publiclythat:

“The U.S. government has up till today refused to grant Nigeria’s request to purchase lethal equipment that would have brought down the terrorists within a short time on the basis of the allegations that Nigeria’s defence forces have been violating human rights of Boko Haram suspects when captured or arrested.

“We find it difficult to understand how and why, in spite of the U.S. presence in Nigeria, with their sophisticated military technology, Boko Haram should be expanding and becoming more deadly.”

Then there’s Obama cunning cabal member, National Security Advisor Susan Rice who announced the death of Nigerian literary icon Chinua Achebe on Monday morning—two years after his actual death—in order to link to an online video of Obama speaking directly to the Nigerian public calling for free and fair elections this Saturday.

“Today is a somber day in Nigeria, as Chua Achebe was laid to rest in his native village, Rice wrote in an outrageous Tweet.

“Fact is, the late and lamented Achebe died in March of 2013, at age 82 in Boston following a brief illness. In May, an elaborate funeral was attended by loved ones, fans and admirers. There were trumpeters, dancing troupes and scores of dignitaries on hand to honor the much celebrated author when he was buried in his hometown of Ogidi—with no weeping, wailing or tweeting from Rice. (Canada Free Press, March 24, 2015)

Machiavelli couldn’t have done any better than Michelle Obama and Susan Rice at the ready to launch diversionary publicity stunts that takes the spotlight off Obama when he needs it most.

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Problem is that while Michelle Obama and Susan Rice were running away with the social network’s mega publicity, in diversionary tactics keeping his work in the dark, Barack Hussein Obama was working to replace foreign Christian leaders with fully-fledged Caliphate-seeking Islamists.



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