Is America Heading toward a Fate Similar to Germanwings’ Flight 9525?

By John W. Lillpop

Metaphorically speaking, it seems as though the United States of America, as a nation, faces a fate not unlike that of the 150 helpless passengers killed when the co-pilot of a German Airbus deliberately crashed the aircraft into the French Alps.

In the case of America, the main villain is the pilot, Barack Hussein Obama, who for reasons known only to he and his troubled mind, has drifted completely to the “dark side” and now represents a real and present danger to America, her allies, and, in fact, the future of planet earth.

Obama is joined in his mission by a reckless, irresponsible co-pilot, the insufferable John Kerry, who stands ready and eager to repeat his act of anti-American defiance, committed on April 23, 1971, when he arrogantly, and with great pride, tossed his combat medals over the White House fence to protest America’s role in the Vietnam War.

The very dangerous Obama-Kerry tandem is reportedly on the verge of acquiescing to a nuclear agreement with the terrorist state of Iran, where said agreement could facilitate the violent relocation of Israel and six million residents into the sea, and plunge the entire Middle East into a desperate race for nuclear weapons hegemony in what is already the most unstable region of the world.

For America, the damage resulting from an Obama-Kerry surrender to the Mullahs could ultimately force the world into World War 111, a helter-skelter conflict with the frightening potential to abruptly end civilization as we know it.

Unfortunately for America and the world, there seems to be no level-headed, common sense person working to knock down the cockpit door to stop the Obama-Kerry team from executing their diabolical scheme.

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