As Congress betrays promises, let it break the one that matters

By A. Dru Kristenev

Congress now hovers in the president’s shadow as the second greatest perpetrator of broken promises to their constituents. Why then, shouldn’t they renege on the one promise that would actually have impact against the wholesale destruction of our economy and defense?

The fact that the president and his administration are consorting with the enemy (how many reports confirmed the supreme ayatollah’s chanting “death to America” last week?) and, in actuality,aiding Iran to gain a nuclear arsenal, nevermind the official line about “peaceful” nukes, gives Congress all it needs to reconsider one of its vows. The questionable dead-of-night special ops training to “master the human domain” scheduled for seven southwestern states this summer could add impetus for Congress’ reversal.

The demise of Washington’s working status from representing the People into a culture of fear for political lives lost has created Congress’ unwillingness to stand by the Constitution. The problem stems from a misunderstanding of self-preservation. By denying implementation of Constitutional standards in favor of media pandering in submitting to a president whose public support has halved since his election, Congress has provoked the very distrust they thought to escape.

Why Congress believes that even uttering the word “impeachment” is anathema has far more to do with the press that runs crying “racism” than their constituency which, day-by-day, is rapidly losing faith in all government. Any president that insists on collaborating with an avowed enemy is open to more than a few harsh words, they have uncaged carrion eaters that don’t wait for the kill before diving in for dinner.

Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has again voiced his concern over the absurd terms leaked about the nuclear deal with Iran. Even while the talks continue, Iran is building one of the largest fleets of weaponized naval vessels in the world and the United States is virtually paying the regime’s place at the treaty table to the tune of$11.9 billion by the June deadline. This is not just irrational, it is a form of harakiri.

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When Israeli Intelligence Minister Yuval Steinetz stated his hope that Obama meant it when he said, “no deal is better than a bad deal,” he couldn’t have known that Obama thinks this is a good deal. Flatly, the West is willing to sign away any expectation of security for their own countries, Iran regarding them all as enemies, while the Sunni nations unite to halt the onslaught of Shiite-led destruction emanating from Iran. North Africa and theMiddle East have already erupted in continuous warfare, Iran’s neighboring nations fully understanding that their autonomy is at stake, and the contingent in Lausanne blindly works to sign an agreement with known liars and hypocrites. No wonder Syria’s Bashar al-Assad is willing to talk with the U.S. He sees endless possibilities that circumstances could go his way.

Any attempt to bracket treating with Iran as solidifying a joint front against ISIS is also a sham. So few air strikes are made by the coalition against the murderous sect, while they abduct Christians (300 more disappearing into ISIS hell a few weeks ago) and threaten every other religious or secular group, that nothing is achieved. Numerous sources compared the air strikes during the Bosnian conflict of hundreds a day to this campaign, bombing maniacal fanatics, that amount to less than 10 runs a day, calling it effective. The only thing that is effective in this situation, is Iran’s realizing its goal of building nuclear weapons, ISIS continuing its rampage and Russia becoming the arbiter of Iran’s fissile material. This is the definition of insanity and Obama is directing the asylum.

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No, President Obama is not mad. He does, however, have his own indefensible concept of “fairness.” At least, that is what he would have us think, that he believes in a world where all things are equal. Reality check ‚Äì there is no such thing. There are no “equal” values. Each culture even has its own concept of what “equal” means and, most of the time, it means “self.” Individuals, who assemble as religions, secular philosophies, unions, etc., are only capable of seeing things through their own experiences and learned responses, creating an unequal viewpoint of virtually everyone and everything. This is why utopia is unattainable, the same way that a negotiated peace with Iran and its offshoots, all of which are intractable in their beliefs, is unattainable.

If the foregoing still lacks rationale for Congress to revisit its promise of following Constitutional options, perhaps the fascinating and rather alarming plans to use low population areas in the southwest, particularly Texas, for training U.S. special ops to “Master the Human Domain,” might catch someone’s attention. The soft-sell on this to local government and commercial enterprise was that it would bring in approximately $150,000 to communities while disrupting them between the hours of 11 p.m. and 4 a.m. with, “increased aircraft in the area at night and [they] warned county officials that there may be an increase in noise complaints.” Thomas Mead, operations planner for the U.S. Army’s Jade Helm realistic military training, also said, “You can only do so much in a military environment. You don’t really get a true interaction with the public.”

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When questioned on a definition of the “human domain,” this answer was supplied via the document: “In a word, the success of future strategic initiatives and the ability of the U.S. to shape a peaceful and prosperous global environment will rest more and more on our ability to understand, influence, or exercise control within the ‚Äòhuman domain.’”

“The “human domain” is defined for the purposes of this white paper as the “physical, cultural and social environments” that exist within a conflict.

This operation, titled “Jade Helm 15,” came to our attention via someone who, unwilling to assume the veracity of an unconfirmed report, contacted their own sources connected to special ops forces. Upon receiving corroborating information, they called us about the U.S. Army Special Operations Command’s “realistic military training” operation planned for July 15 through September 15, 2015. An off-the-record remark was made that officers were being asked to swear an oath to a foreign entity to which, evidently, many refused. It raised the question as to what entity that would be. However one views this whole training operation, more questions remain unanswered than answered and conducting such a widespread special ops training in the southwest United States can only lead to speculation regarding the purpose of Jade Helm.

Like Benghazi, the IRS, Fast and Furious, amnesty for illegal immigrants as well as negotiating the non-negotiable, the list of unsolved, unconstitutional actions conducted through the executive branch grows longer each day.

If the only way to bring the president and his administration to heel to the authority of the People is to address the possibility of impeachment, then Congress must eat its words.

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