When the Iran Deal Hits the Fan

By Douglas V. Gibbs

Neville Chamberlain’s name will live in infamy.  Chamberlain was Prime Minister of Great Britain when the Nazis were on the rise in Germany prior to the Second World War.  Neville was a pacifist, a guy that, if alive today, would have peace signs plastered throughout his office.  His foreign policy was much like Barack Obama’s, filled with “negotiate first” and “appeasement” insertions to the point that it was disastrous.

Chamberlain’s the guy that believed Adolf Hitler was a character that could be negotiated with, and Neville was a part of a European team that formed a disastrous deal with Nazi Germany that gave a part of Czechoslovakia to Germany in 1938 as a peace offering to the furious fires of Nazi Germany’s inevitable war march.  Hitler was happy to receive the gift, that Czechoslovakia had no say in, and then promptly invaded Poland the following year.

“Peace in our time,” declared Chamberlain, when he waved the agreement for all to see.

Diplomacy is a valuable tool, and negotiations can be an integral part of an overall understanding by nations on a global level.  The desire to negotiate makes sense, and is normally a good path to pursue.  The success of a good foreign policy is often rooted in the ability to have encouraging talks with other nations, and deals that benefit all of the nations involved in the agreement.  Treaties are a desired route, most of the time.  However, a nation’s foreign policy success is not only founded upon those successful and beneficial deals made with other countries, but also upon an administration’s understanding of when it is wise to enter into an agreement, and when it is wise to recognize the futility of trying to deal with certain characters on the international stage, and then stepping away from the table and taking the appropriate actions, be they sanctions, a policy of non-association, or taking a military stance of readiness.

“Peace in our time”

As with today’s politicians who are trying to make deals with Islamic countries who are determined to destroy any opposition to the Muslim ideology, and eventually give Muhammad’s barbaric false religion a theocratic empire that dominates the world through jihad, Chamberlain did not fully understand the evil with which he was making deals.

President Barack Obama is acting much like Neville Chamberlain did, heralding a deal with Iran over their nuclear endeavors that is being put together.  Obama practically called the deal “peace in our time,” and then warned the Republicans, who are not so fast to trust Iran, that they better forget about their constitutional authority to take action against the final deal that is in the works at this moment.

“The issues at stake here are bigger than politics,” Obama said during remarks in the White House Rose Garden. “These are matters of war and peace, and they should be evaluated based on the facts.”

The facts, however, are being ignored.  Islam desires war, and is playing the appeasers for fools.

While Barack Obama explained the limits on Iran’s nuclear program that are in the deal, the dangers the deal poses to Israel, and the rest of the world down the road, are being pushed under the rug.  Iran is guided by the Muslim faith in a false prophet that puts war ahead of everything.  Islam does not honor treaties.  Islam uses treaties to regroup, take advantage of the foolish peace-niks, and then they break any agreement they are a part of the moment it serves their interest.  Iran is an Islamic nation.  Iran wants to create chaos in the world, bring war to the Great Satan and the Little Satan (U.S. and Israel), and then bring about their version on The End Times by using the chaos to release the 12th Imam, create a worldwide jihad of destruction and carnage until all of the infidels are either dead, or under the control of Islam, and do all of that even if it means the destruction of Iran.

You cannot reason with the unreasonable.  After this deal, Iran will demand more, and Islam will demand more.  Deals will continue to be made, until so much is given away that no more can be given.  And then, while the appeasers are patting themselves on the backs, claiming they have brought peace to our time, war will be waged, because Islam will wait no longer.

The leftists, upon reading this, will call me a “scare-monger”, or an “Islamaphobe,” or whatever else they can muster, and that is fine.  Those that questioned Neville Chamberlain’s appeasement received the same kind of attacks.  Neville Chamberlain is now remembered as the idiot that trusted Nazi Germany, and Barack Obama and his merry crew of appeasers will be remembered in history as the idiots that led us into World War III, because they were willing to trust, and work with, an ideology that cannot be trusted, and with whom deals are only temporary in nature.  Islam honors treaties only as long as the agreement benefits them, and then, they break them.  Historically, that is a constant reality.  Islam cannot be trusted.  Just ask Israel.

Obama’s “diplomacy” is setting the world up for the next world war

What is even worse is that the President of the United States, though he can sign treaties, cannot legally put those treaties into force without the treaty being ratified by the United States Senate.  The requirement for any treaty to be approved by Congress is a constitutional mandate.  Yet, Barack Obama’s warning to Congress Ceagainst them taking action that could upend work toward a final deal was a direct threat warning Tom Cotton, and the rest of the Republicans in the Senate who sent a letter to Tehran telling them Obama needs congressional approval, not to act in a manner consistent with their Constitutional authorities.  And the Republican Party, who has the opportunity to make a difference, is sitting and doing nothing, fearful of a President that is acting like a dictator.

Obama’s actions are no longer just actions dangerous to our American System.  Now, the lives of people around the world are in danger because of his radical leftist actions.  The “diplomacy” he claims he is pursuing is setting the world up for the next world war.

Barack Obama calls the agreement that is now appearing on the horizon “a good deal, a deal that meets our core objectives…if Iran cheats, the world will know it.”

But the world (meaning the leftist politicians standing with Obama regarding this deal) will do nothing about it if Iran “cheats.”  The appeaser will only try to appease more, and the Muslim nations know it.  After this deal, the next deal will be a deal giving away pieces of Israel to the enemy in the hopes it will bring peace (under the guise of a “two-state solution”). . . just like Neville Chamberlain did with Czechoslovakia for Germany.  And like in 1938, the message is, “We are too cowardly to stand against you, we are willing to give you anything you want to keep the peace, so do as you will.”

So while Obama threatens Congress not to get in the way, or authorize new sanctions on Iran, Muslim nations are rubbing their hands together waiting for the next gift they will get from Obama and his global minions – all the while giving Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu all the more reason not to trust this administration, and forcing Israel to plan its own defense when the Iran agreement Obama is so proud of hits the fan.

Obama hails Iran framework as ‘historic’ understanding – Yahoo News/Associated Press

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