Has the Devil Already Won?

By John W. Lillpop

Although I have no formal theological education or credentials to boast of, I believe that surviving for several decades qualifies me to pose the question—“Has the Devil already won? —and be taken seriously.

My frame of reference is from an earlier era, the “Old School” way of thinking, if you will.

As recently as six years ago, January, 2009 to be exact, the following situations would have been unthinkable in America:

( )The president of the United States vigorously opposes the State of Israel and advocates a nuclear “deal” with the terrorist state of Iran, where said deal is largely understood to be a deliberate abandonment of Israel to the blood-thirsty, hungry wolves of Islamic fascism based on the anti-Semitic sentiments of America’s closeted Muslim president;

() Homosexuality has become so “fashionable” that, in California, state judges are prohibited by the State Supreme Court from belonging to the Boy Scouts of America, at one time the trusted and revered repository of wholesome American values and living;

()The President of the United States, after but a short time in office, visits a foreign nation and declares that America is “not a Christian” nation, although as many as 200 million Americans positively identify themselves as Christian;

()Through sleight of hand and calculated lying, the federal government passes the Affordable Care Act(ACA—aka, ObamaCare) which violates the religious tenets of certain faiths by requiring that paid contraception and abortion services be included in health plans despite the fact that such services are prohibited by church teachings, while on the other hand, totally exempting members of the Muslim faith from all provisions of the ACA;

()The American people completely reject the progressive, Marxist policies of the president and install opposition majorities in both chambers of Congress to suppress out-of-control tyranny. However, the president defiantly refuses to abide by the results of the elections, and chooses instead to govern by “decree” to bypass both the will of the people and the Congress.

Given all that has transpired during the Obama era, the easy answer to the question seems to be, “Most assuredly, the Devil has won!”

However, this is still America where the spirit of Christ shines brightly despite the best efforts of the devil and his leftist agents to cloak the world in dark and shame.

On this Easter Sunday, give thanks for the light and vow to keep fighting until all of the earth is blessed by His return to the Right Hand of God!

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