How do you stop a Google Goliath from plagiarizing The Truth?

By Judi McLeod

Get ready for a 2016 presidential campaign utterly controlled by a Google chokehold.

Long a public relations conspiracy in the making,  the digital behemoth whose hypocritical motto is ‘Do No Evil’ seeks to keep the presidency an airtight Democrat one.  All “goo-goo-googely eyes” will be trained on Hillary Clinton in 2016.  And should a fickle fate, for any reason keep Clinton out of the race, Google will throw the might of its support behind another Democrat candidate.

For the perpetually gullible ready to slap a smiley face on the 2016 presidential campaign:

Google, to which a majority of the Internet surfing world is already addicted—-40,000 search queries every second on average,  3.5 billion searches per day and 1.2 trillion searches per year worldwide—has come out of the woodwork claiming the world’s only monopoly on the Truth.

All news of whomever Republicans choose to oppose Clinton will be most effectively suppressed.  Traffic to all websites is virtually controlled by Google and there seems to be no way around it.  Traffic to conservative websites and blogs is already being suppressed by Google—which now lays claims to be the Grand Central of Truth.

Marxists and Crony Capitalists Driving the Information Highway Bus

Overnight an unsuspecting net surfing society has become the David in a digital David and Goliath battle taking it further into the dark.

Difficult as it already is, getting the truth to the masses will be all but impossible, thanks to Google algorithm tricks.  Dependable sites like Breitbart, NewsMax, American Thinker, Gateway Pundit and the like will have to find new strategies in order to bypass Google and come up with a solution that maybe doesn’t exist.

Unscathed by her email scandal, ‘Don’t-call-her-Hillary’  Rodham Clinton has hired herself a longtime Google executive to oversee her seemingly inevitable presidential campaign’s technology to build new ways for her to engage with voters, drawing on the tech giant that arrogantly claims to have a monopoly on Truth.

Google employees are second only to Microsoft as Barack Obama’s most generous donors in both his presidential campaigns.

Google executives visited the White House 230 times since Obama won the White House.
They’ll file it under ‘c’ for coincidence.

Unfortunately for America and the Free West, Google, just like Obama, wants to run the world.

Problem is if the tech giant lays bold claim to being the world’s only Truth Teller, how do you stop it?

“Hillary Rodham Clinton has hired a longtime Google executive to oversee her likely presidential campaign’s technology development and build new ways for Clinton to engage with voters, according to Democrats with knowledge of the move.(Washington Post, April 8, 2015)

“Stephanie Hannon, who is Google’s director of product management for civic innovation and social impact, will become the chief technology officer of the expected Clinton campaign, according to the Democrats, who spoke on the condition of anonymity because they were not authorized to discuss the appointment.

“At Clinton’s New York campaign headquarters, Hannon will serve on the senior staff and oversee a team of engineers and developers, which could include outside consultants, to devise Web sites, apps and other tools for the former secretary of state and her staff to engage with supporters and voters.

“Their first challenge is to have the technological infrastructure in place for Clinton’s pending campaign launch, expected in coming days, to immediately connect with her supporters, capture information about them and raise money from them.
“The Clinton team does not plan to debut what one Democrat called “a glitzy, shiny suite of apps” on the campaign’s first day but will build innovative tools over time under Hannon’s leadership.

“Hannon, who has worked in Silicon Valley for two decades, would be the first woman to hold the title of chief technology officer on a major presidential campaign. She will work closely with Katie Dowd, a longtime Clinton aide who will serve as the campaign’s digital director, and Teddy Goff, an outside consultant who help lead digital strategy and was the 2012 Obama campaign’s digital director.

“At Google, Hannon recently has focused on building technological tools to help communities respond to natural disasters and sharing information about elections, including ballot locations and candidates. She previously helped develop the popular Google Maps app and oversaw its global expansion, incorporating geo-coding in dozens of countries and creating the transit tool that allows users to plan itineraries on public buses and trains.

“Hannon does not appear to have political campaign experience but has worked at a number of Silicon Valley companies, including Facebook, Cisco and Intel, according to her LinkedIn profile. She earned a bachelor’s degree in computer systems engineering and a master’s degree in electrical engineering at Stanford University as well as a master of business administration degree at Harvard Business School.”

We don’t know what Clinton’s campaign slogan will be.  We already know that Google’s is: ‘The Truth Lives HERE’.

The slogan for patriots who stand against Clinton’ s role in Benghazi should be “Never forget it was Clinton who said ‘What Difference Does it Make’’’ in the fallout of the 2012 Benghazi scandal that left four Americans, including Ambassador Christopher Stevens dead.

Google claims it took its name from the mathematical world:

“Google derived its name from the word “googol”, a term coined by then nine-year-old Milton Sirotta, nephew of the American mathematician Edward Kasner. The story goes, Kasner had asked his nephew to invent a name for a very large number – ten to the power of one hundred (the numeral one followed by 100 zeros), and Milton called it a googol. The term was later made popular and in Kasner’s book, Mathematics and the Imagination, which he co-authored with James Newman. Later, another mathematician invented the term “googolplex”, which represents ten to the power of a googol – a substantially larger number.”

Nonetheless, the two ‘ohs’  in Google’s name look an awful lot like the eyes of Barney Google of world famous cartoon strip fame.

For the sake of morale boosting we should go into the 2016 presidential campaign humming the bars of the 1923 hit tune ‘Barney Google (with the Goo-Goo-Googely Eyes’).

Meanwhile the words of John 14:6 “Jesus answered “I am the way and the truth and the light” should be copy-rite protected before Google comes along to plagiarize them.

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