Obama Feted as “Honest Man” in Ringing Endorsement by Comrade Raul Castro!

By John W. Lillpop

Still nursing wounds inflicted by Iran’s Ayatollah just last week, Barack Obama appeared comforted, or at least partially pacified, by words of praise issued by fellow Communist and anti-American renegade Raul Castro in Panama City on Sunday.

Obama’s integrity and soul had been mercilessly impugned by the Ayatollah after the Obama administration issued a “Fact Sheet” concerning the nuclear deal reached in Switzerland.

According to Iran’s Supreme Leader, Obama was a liar and devilish, terms that resonate well with objective and alert observers who have been paying attention to The One’s programmed malfeasance over the past six plus years.

On the other hand, Raul Castro, for reasons known only to him and his Commie handlers and fellow terrorists, did not agree, and made his pro-Obama statements public in an emotional statement issued on Sunday.

As reported:

Cuba’s President Raul Castro called U.S. President Barack Obama “an honest man” at the Summit of the Americas in Panama City Saturday. His comment came after an ice-breaking handshake between the leaders as U.S.-Cuba relations continue to mend.
Castro said Obama bears “no responsibility” for the decades of hostilities between the two nations. “There were 10 presidents before him. All have some debt to us, but not President Obama,” the Cuban leader said at the summit. He thanked Obama for considering the removal of Cuba from an U.S. list of state sponsors of terrorism.
“I have read his books, and I admire him and his life. I think a lot of his behavior has to do with his humble background,” Castro said of Obama.”

Humble background, Mr. Castro?

Might that be “code” for non-Caucasian? From one person of color about another?

Whatever the case, securing an endorsement from terrorist-tainted, dictator, and human rights violator Raul Castro is hardly an item that belongs in the Obama library of the future. Not if one is looking for credibility as a man of truth, peace, and honor, that is.

In fact, Castro’s words of praise are proof positive that Barack Obama’s thinking and loyalties are decidedly anti-American and treasonous!

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