Obama’s Faustian “Nuclear Deal” with Iran Will Lead to Obama’s Own Downfall

By Mitch Wolfe

Iran’s current Supreme Being Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, as his predecessor Ayatollah Khomeni, has always viewed America, as “The Great Satan”

However, looking at this deal from another perspective,  Obama’s proposed lopsided and dangerous nuclear deal with the same Ayotollah Ali Khamenei, is in turn Obama’s Faustian deal with the Devil.

As in Christopher Marlowe’s famous play, ‘Doctor Faustus’, this ain’t going to end well for the soon departed, President Obama,  America’s current lame duck Commander in Chief.

In the Marlowe play, Doctor Faustus was not of the manor-born. He was neither a son of a king, nor a nobleman’s son. He was the product of common folk. But in university, Faustus excelled at academia and especially in the study of Logic ( a great tool for argument, debate and oratory) and in the study of law. Does this remind you of any president we know?

Presumably due to his academic brilliance, Doctor Faustus earned his doctorate

But Doctor Faustus was not satisfied with just being a brilliant orator and scholar, he wanted to do great things with the rest of his life, so he entered into an agreement with Lucifer, the Devil, who promised him great power and influence, for twenty-four years, but at the end of that period, the Devil would take Faustus’ soul to hell.

It should be no surprise that the “good doctor” Faustus accomplished nothing in the next twenty-four years. And at the end of this period, he wished to repent, but it was too late, and his body was ripped to shreds and his soul transported to hell.

The moral of this play, like the Icarus legend, is that pride or hubris, comes before the fall.

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Similarly,  I strongly believe that Obama’s overweening pride, or hubris, in crafting a horrible nuclear deal with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, will lead to Obama’s foreseeable downfall. Sooner rather than later.

Let me give you an example of Obama’s arrogance which apparently has dangerously clouded his thinking and his actions in negotiating this nuclear deal with Iran.

I have studied Obama- the man, for many years- as a young man, university student, community organizer, law student, young local politician, senator and then president.

Obama’s both strength and weakness is in the power of his self-constructed views and values and his unfailing belief in himself to influence those around him-  through reason, argument and the persuasive power of his oratory.

It is very rational to Obama that if the US, its allies and other major world powers ( the gang of six- US, China, Russia, Britain, France and Germany) engage Iran, a brutal rogue regime, in nuclear negotiations, then it rationally follows that successful peaceful negotiations, will lead to peaceful and positive change both within Iran and with respect to Iran’s relationship to countries within and without the Mideast.

As Obama stated in a recent National Public Radio interview:

(referring to Ira) “If in fact they’re engaged in international business, and there are foreign investors, and their economy becomes more integrated with the world economy, then in many ways it makes it harder for them to engage in behaviors that are contrary to international norms.”

The problem with Obama is that he arrogantly believes himself to be sort of an infallible Sun King- that knowledge and understanding revolve around him, and that he alone has the answers.

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Unfortunately, his long-time advisers-  Valerie Jarrett and Susan Rice and his political subordinates- Biden and Kerry- seem more like “ yes men” and props to feed Obama’s ego, rather than independent and objective critics who have the cojones to challenge Obama’s world views and his particular views of Iran.

Accordingly, one of Obama’s fatal flaws, is that he arrogantly projects his own views on the Iranians. And then incorrectly comes to the conclusion that the Iranians naturally and rationally must share Obama’s well-thought out views.

Hence Obama believes that the proper course of action and the only course of action is not only to engage in serious nuclear talks with Iran, but ultimately to permit Iran to successfully build nuclear bombs, several years down the road.

Because according to Obama’s own hope and belief,  and his projection of his beliefs upon the Iranians-  by that time,  Iran will be a more benign, moderate, peaceful nation which would prefer ( to use Obama’s term) “regional equilibrium” with its Mideast neighbors- Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel- than out right conventional or nuclear war.

The problem with Obama’s thinking is that he has arrogantly confused his own thinking with that of the Iranians.

The facts on the ground tell a completely different story.

In 2009, when the Iranian Green Movement of Iranian students, reformers,  liberal intellectuals, secular businessmen and moderates surged into the streets following a disputed election,  radical political change in Tehran seemed possible.

But led by current Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei-  the Revolutionary Guards, the reactionary clergy, the hard-line judiciary and their supporters and followers crushed the Green Movement. Their leaders-imprisoned, tortured, or killed together with many thousands of protesters.

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There is no factual evidence that this Iranian power establishment will become more moderate and more benign in the future. Probably, Iran will become even more militant, more powerful, more power-crazy, and more aggressively supportive of murderous terrorist groups as Hamas, Hezbollah and the Houthi in Yemen.

Ayatollah Khamenei, in the midst of these so-called, game-changing peaceful nuclear negotiations, continues to publicly condemn the United States as the Great Satan and even has referred to Obama’s spin on the negotiations as “devilish and deceptive.”

America’s allies in the region such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Israel consider the infusion of billions of dollars into Iran and the ability of Iran to rapidly ramp up the development of its nuclear arsenal, ( as a result of this horrible nuclear agreement) clear existential threats to their very existence. It follows that these nations will in turn acquire and/or develop nuclear arms to counter the Iranian nuclear threat in their own backyard.

Accordingly, a nuclear arms race in the Mideast is inevitable and a regional nuclear war- probable.

All because intellectually arrogant Obama believes he is the smartest man at the negotiating table and he alone knows and understands the Iranians.

But Obama’s fatal blunders with the Iranians have not been lost on the majority of the American people and their Republican and Democratic representatives in Congress.

I predict that Congress, led by both Republicans and Democrats, will pass veto-proof legislation clipping the wings of Icarus Obama, vis a vis Iran.

And Obama’s Faustian framework deal with the Devil will ultimately lead to Obama’s inglorious downfall both as to his presidency and as to his legacy.

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