Teachable Moment for Luis Gutierrez re Deportations, Rule of Law, & Justice!

By John W. Lillpop

In his criminal drive to establish a legacy of tyrannical mastery over the US Constitution, the rule of law, and good old- fashioned common sense, Barack Obama has misled millions of impressionable, gullible Hispanic racists into believing that He (Obama) is exempt from laws that apply to all US citizens, even the most precocious.

In fact, of course, as US president, Obama is bound by statute to a far greater extent that most common citizens.

Among the more gullible and less enlightened victims of Obama’s snake oil chicanery is Luis Gutierrez, an unrepentant Hispanic racist, who actually serves in the US House of Representatives, representing (??) the great state of Illinois.

Gutierrez has bought into Obama’s lie about immigration reform, hook line and sinker. Most distressing, Gutierrez even subscribes to the fanciful notion that Obama can unilaterally change existing immigration law as needed to meet the election goals of the Democrat Party.

In Gutierrez’ diminished mental capacity, he sees nothing wrong with the president ignoring the wishes of the American people, and particularly the US Congress, when it comes to immigration law.

In wholeheartedly supporting Obama’s flagrant tyranny, Gutierrez has blindly nudged other Hispanics in the direction of “invasion insanity,” including his ill-advised campaign to educate followers as to methods to avoid deportations.

Gutierrez has made it a point to travel widely and promote his “Don’t Deport Me” campaign for illegal aliens throughout what remains of the United States of America.

However, Barack Obama’s delusion of grandeur about immigration and his omnipotence have been stymied in federal courts, first in Texas and then in a review by the 5th Circuit in New Orleans on April 17.

As a result, Obama’s quirky Executive Orders are officially held in abeyance, pending a final decision by the 5th circuit and probably decisive action by the Supreme Court.

In the meantime, Luis Gutierrez continues to raise the hopes of loopy illegals looking to steal their way into America without the requirements for background checks (medical, criminal, financial, terrorist) that confront those who try to come here legally.

Gutierrez brags that he is teaching illegals how to avoid deportations and how to cash in on efforts to grant citizenship to those who simply do not belong here.

Earth to Obama, Gutierrez, and the 20-40 illegal aliens squatting on US soil:

There is a 100% effective way to avoid deportation back to the third world— and that is by getting the hell out of the US on your own, and by staying out. Mitt Romney called in self-deportation and it makes far more sense than the ramblings of our incoherent community organizer.

There is also an effective means for taking advantage of a “path to citizenship,” and it can be accessed through a process known as legal immigration!

In truth, there is no lack of a path to citizenship! It’s available to those who have the integrity and guts to follow the rules that apply to tens of millions of others throughout the world.

In sum, do not invade America. Take your turn in line, and follow the rules.

Just because you are Hispanic, America does not owe you anything, least of all undeserved citizenship!

Do those things and you will have no need for Barack Obama or Luis Gutierrez, or their criminal ploys!

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