Individual States Should Apply Obama-Type “Logic” to Secure Their Borders and Protect US Citizens!

By John W. Lillpop

In his specious argument for ‘making and breaking immigration law’ from that lofty tyrant’s perch in the Oval Office, Barack Obama asserts that his unilateral Executive Orders are needed, and even morally mandated, because the law-making branch of government endowed with the Constitutional authority to legislate(the US Congress) has failed to do so.

Left unstated is Obama’s heretical notion that Congress’ refusal to pass a law which grants unconditional amnesty to tens of millions of foreign invaders(future Democrat voters each and every one!) is sufficient cause for shredding the Constitution and ignoring Congress.

In other words, according to The One, “Congress must pass laws that meet with my exacting approval. Otherwise, I am justified in acting unilaterally, and against the wishes of both the Congress and the people to implement that which is, in my sole judgment, the right and moral thing to do.”

And let the US Constitution go straight to hell!

Of course, such a crazy notion runs absolutely contrary to the concepts of balance of power, checks and balances, and other anti-tyrant safeguards built into our Constitution.

But one must forgive Obama for being somewhat fuzzy about the details of a document that he regards as ‘old school’ and riddled with racist views promulgated by long- since dead white Christians fond of owning black slaves and employing an abundance of unregulated firearms to control those slaves!

After all, The One is but a community organizer, albeit with credentials as a Constitutional scholar and one who actually taught Constitutional law in college.

While those credentials may seem impressive, one must not underestimate the inherent ability of the liberal-infested mind to distort and destroy truth, particularly when such is perceived as an obstacle to fulfillment of liberal dogma, regardless of how dangerous.

But perhaps the border states of Texas, Arizona, and others who suffer the greatest harm from the invasion of US sovereign land by non-English speaking illiterates should adopt a version of ‘Obama logic’ to defend and protect their citizens?

Perhaps the governors of Texas and Arizona and others should send National Guard and other armed state forces to the borders and command such forces to use force as needed to stop the wave of invasions that threaten homeland security and the economic and cultural well being of their citizens?

Such orders would be amply justified by the fact that the federal government, Barack Obama, is not acting to defend US citizens from foreign invasions as required by the Constitution?

Such actions by any governor would be just as legitimate as Obama’s foolish Executive Orders!

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