January 20, 2017: Destined to Be Day of Serendipitous Joy?

By John W. Lillpop

Patriots are advised to mark January 20, 2017 down on your calendars.

That day could very well mark the dramatic rekindling of the spirit of freedom and liberty that has made America the envy of the civilized human world for nearly 270 years.

This is so because when Barack Obama finally descends from the tyrant’s post he built with his own destructive hands in the Oval Office, a great sense of serendipitous joy will pass through each of the 50 states of what was once known as America the Great.

Obama’s long over-due exit from American politics will hopefully be matched by the end of the “Inevitability” nonsense heaped upon Hillary Rodham Clinton who will finally be free to care for her grandchild and not-so-grand child, the hopelessly clueless, William Jefferson.

More than 330 million grateful souls will unite in song and gratitude as the greatest nemesis to American culture, Constitutional law, and Democratic self-governance is rendered utterly impotent and removed from our midst in the twinkling of an eye.

Along with Obama’s exit, the greatest threat to sustainable sanity in American politics in the name of gender equality will, God willing, be banished from the scene due to old age and a lifetime of congenital lying!

Adios, Hillary!

Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and other soulless thugs from the wasteland of progressive thought and deed, will join Obama and Hillary as consignees to the Devil and his evil angels for eternity!

Hallelujah! Will be the throaty cry of we the Faithful who comprise the Vast Right Conspiracy and who function at the Right Hand and Mercy of the Almighty!

We who, despite intense pressure from liberal government goons and their water carriers in the mainstream media, remain loyal to the Founding Fathers and the Godly covenants upon which this blessed land was founded!

We, who have endured the painfully elitist presidencies of Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama over these past 24 years, will be free at last to pursue life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness!

What a day it will be if we are able to simultaneously celebrate the final chapter in the “Inevitability” career of Hillary Clinton and the end to Barack Obama’s reign of terror in American politics!

Hallelujah!, indeed!

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