Hillary Clinton Exposed, Movie She Had Banned From Theaters (Full Movie)

  • Supreme Court takes up First Amendment case involving Hillary Clinton movie
  • Justices heard arguments over a 2008 documentary critical of then-candidate Clinton
  • Court determining if “Hillary: The Movie” should have faced campaign finance laws
  • The decision will determine whether political documentaries can be regulated
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Hillary brought to court the issue whether the 90-minute “Hillary: The Movie” and television ads to promote it should have been subject to strict campaign finance laws on political advocacy or should have been seen as a constitutionally protected form of commercial speech.

The high court’s decision will determine whether politically charged documentaries can be regulated by the government in the same way as traditional campaign commercials.

A conservative group behind this movie wanted to promote it during the heat of the presidential primary season last year, but a federal court had blocked any ads, as well as airings on cable TV video-on-demand.

The film later was released on DVD, an outlet that is not subject to federal regulation.

Well-researched documentary , by means of which people help you understand why they are not particularly keen to get Hilary Rodham Clinton as a future president.

Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton have absolutely no moral compass or political principles. They are opportunists of the worst kind – they are virtual psychopaths who will do anything and say anything in order to obtain power. Hillary Clinton was a “goldwater girl” back in 1964 – she was a right-wing Republican. But when she found it more convenient to pretend to be a liberal in order to obtain power, then she pretended to be a liberal. But make no mistake – the Clintons have NO principles at all. Absolutely none!  Hillary Clinton would be the perfect candidate to take over from Obama to finish off this country and run it into a “third world” mediocrity.

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The United States political system in this country is corrupt.  However, I am not willing to accept that the American people are so duped and brainwashed that they would put this  immoral Hillary person to rule over them.  That would be very unfortunate and an abomination to this nation.  We can do better than to put people to rule over us as a novelty like the “first woman” or “first black or African American”.  There have to be a ‘moral basis’ for electing our leaders and law-makers.

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