Baltimore mayor blames media for ‘twisting’ her words

Hopefully, Rawlings-Blake will be held accountable for her words that could only have been interpreted as giving the thugs the green light.

By Arthur Weinreb

Stephanie Rawlings-Blake, the 45-year-old mayor of Baltimore, is a Democrat. Not something widely advertised by the leftist media but it actually does not need mentioning. Watching her actions and listening to her speeches since what began as a peaceful protest on Saturday, it is clear she could not be anything other than a Democrat.

Being a Democrat means never having to say you’re sorry. Although he is the president of the United States nothing that happens in the US or around the world is his fault. When it comes to never being at fault, Obama is a rank amateur compared to Hillary Clinton. Nothing Clinton does including using a private server for State Department correspondence and then erasing emails or questionable donations to the Clinton Foundation is her fault. Nothing she did should stand in the way of her attempt to be the next president because she’s a woman after all. She is insulted her actions are even questioned.

Democrats like to blame everything that is wrong on vast right wing conspiracies, and being misunderstood and Rawlings-Blake is no exception.

As Canada Free Press reported, Saturday night the mayor spoke to the media and said she wanted to make sure protesters were protected from cars and other things AND “we also gave those who wish to destroy space to do that as well.” If that wasn’t clear enough she used the term “balancing act” that in context could only refer to the balancing of the rights of protesters and the “rights” of those who wanted to destroy.

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Monday morning the funeral of 25-year-old Freddie Gray, the black man who died in police custody and whose death led to protests and later riots on the streets of Baltimore, was held. Yesterday’s riots saw rocks and other objects hurled at police and firefighters, businesses trashed and burned and other businesses forced to close down. Not surprisingly the baseball game between the Beirut Baltimore Orioles and the Chicago White Sox was cancelled.

Although Gray’s funeral was being used as the excuse to riot, the burning of Baltimore began yesterday afternoon after high school students sent out a message about a “purge,” named after a movie where laws were suspended for 24 hours that resulted in law breaking and riots. Police also had information that criminal gangs were coming to Baltimore to attack cops.

After yesterday’s violence began, many pointed out Rawlings-Blake’s statement on Saturday led to the view that she and the city were condoning illegal activities. But no, no, no, no; it wasn’t her fault.

Yesterday the mayor blamed the media for taking her words out of context. She claims she never said safe spaces were being created for those people who want to “destroy.”

Rawlings-Blake accused the media of a “blatant mischaracterization” of her comments. She is now claiming what she meant is that a space was created for peaceful protesters and that allowed the rioters to use that space. She said she never stated or implied riots were acceptable to her.

To give Rawlings-Blake the benefit of the doubt, she does not appear to be particularly bright and perhaps she don’t speak too good. But on a fair reading of or listening to her comments, they were pretty clear. The “balancing act” she mentioned could only have referred to the balancing of the peaceful protesters and the rioters.

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After she was taken to task, the mayor began to refer to the rioters as criminals and thugs. Like the imposition of the curfew that will begin tonight, it was too little too late.

By blaming the media for twisting her straightforward statement, she is assuming the role of the victim. After all being a woman, an African-American and a Democrat in Obama’s America, what else could she possibly be?

In the future, there will be analyses of what is currently taking place in Baltimore. Hopefully, Rawlings-Blake will be held accountable for her words that could only have been interpreted as giving the thugs the green light.

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